(P,Pig=Phony Patriots Infiltrating Groups)
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(P,Pig=Phony Patriots Infiltrating Groups).

Here is the proposal letter turned blackmail letter
according to Dave and Joyce.

#2 Proposal Letter Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Because I had to abandon much of my property and just get the heck out of there, and because one of their fairy tales was that even though they had told people for 9 months that I was volunteering (even when I was not around to hear it), their new story that Friday, January 30, 2004, was that they really did pay me and were just lying for 9 months. So, after I got back to my office out of state, and unpacked what I could get out of Versailles, I tried to get the rest of my things back from Dave and Joyce (lots of expensive furniture and business equipment, and also wanted the salary they allegedly gave me, and an apology in order to try to resolve the matter). Of course, there was no response to this email and I would not doubt they are using the very equipment and furniture they forced me to leave behind. Like a murderer who gets a thrill off wearing the dead man's watch as a token of the killing.

Anyway, the nagging questions continued as to why these two had to act in such a bizarre fashion when I really thought they just had personal problems (before Thursday anyway, and then by Thursday evening, I still just thought they were Kingdom Builders). Meanwhile people began contacting me, having read my site, about their own stories of what Dave and Joyce did to them and then suggesting I talk to other people also. This began a two month search for the truth. Who were these two people? The stories of D/J victims were almost always of the same variety. Everything was done in secret, with Dave and Joyce then secretly poisoning everyone else by spreading individual rumors, so that we would never really find out the real story. On some of the others , the stories that they felt nobody would ever find out about at all, they would just leave that entire portion of the story out of it all together when having to address a subject, even though there would have been occasions when it was not only relevant, but necessary to get the true meaning of the story.

As an example they would tell me that a guy named Peter Kawaja was a fed, but did not bother to tell me that Joyce not only slept with him, but she only concluded that he was a fed after he dumped her. They have told others individually, AND IN SECRET that he was a fed also, and they do it in secret so they can then publically deny it later if necessary (see botom portion of this linked letter). The evidence supports that someone tipped him off that her entire story about the Gulf War and her alledged Gulf War Illness was phony and that she was a "PAID WHORE" FROM THE GOVERNMENT (this is not my quote--see #6 below). Joyce then proceeded to label Kawaja as a fed, and then she hijacked the entire Gulf War Illness story from him, and replaced it with a government-issued story, complete with government-doctor support (see this document, which shows how people were figuring out Joyce very early on, and were trying to expose the Dr. Nicholson connection--that he was government issue also. It was later discovered that Dr. Nicholson was actually involved with the secret, special virus weapons programs back in the early 1970's, which brought forth the likes of AIDS/HIV. These were the credible witnesses the government told Kawaja they would replace his exposure of the GWIllness with if he continued). She denied having an affair with this man for many years b/c it exposed part of what is her scam, but she has since been forced to admit it when others b4 me would not let her get away with it (see #6, & #7 below--Thank you Jackie Patru, and Peter Kawaja and others).

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