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War stories from Iraq vets;
Wed Jul 11, 2007 18:30

War stories from Iraq vets; Bush commands Miers to defy committee subpoena; NOW asks, "Are California and the EPA headed for a showdown?"; Canada's prime minister warns nations away from Arctic oil reserves; firefighters "out to set the record straight on Rudy Giuliani's 9/11 legacy"; "the invisible economy"; and more ... Browse our continually updating front page at http://www.truthout.org

t r u t h o u t | 07.11

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The Other War: Iraq Vets Bear Witness
The Nation's Chris Hedges and Laila al-Arian write: "Over the past several months The Nation has interviewed fifty combat veterans of the Iraq war from around the United States in an effort to investigate the effects of the four-year-old occupation on average Iraqi civilians. These combat veterans, some of whom bear deep emotional and physical scars, and many of whom have come to oppose the occupation, gave vivid, on-the-record accounts. They described a brutal side of the war rarely seen on television screens or chronicled in newspaper accounts."

Bush Orders Miers Not to Appear Before House Committee
Laurie Kellman of The Associated Press reports: "President Bush ordered his former White House counsel, Harriet Miers, to defy a congressional subpoena and refuse to testify Thursday before a House panel investigating US attorney firings."

Flawed Armor Contracts Put US Troops at Risk
The Associated Press's Richard Larner and Anne Flaherty say: "The Defense Department put US troops in Iraq at risk by awarding contracts for badly needed armored vehicles to companies that failed to deliver them on schedule, according to a review by the Pentagon's inspector general."

NOW | California Takes On Global Warming
NOW investigates how "a California assemblywoman's personal environmental mission to reduce auto emissions inspired her colleagues to act and other states to follow suit." On Friday, July 13, at 8:30 p.m. EDT, NOW investigates "not only California's aggressive stance against global warming, but also strong political opposition to its expansion."

Lady Bird Johnson Dies at 94
Kelley Shannon of The Associated Press reports: "Lady Bird Johnson, the former first lady who championed conservation and worked tenaciously for the political career of her husband, former President Lyndon B. Johnson, died Wednesday. She was 94."

Canada Flexes Its Muscles in Scramble for the Arctic
Ed Pilkington of The Guardian UK reports: "It is not the kind of militaristic statement expected of the peace-loving Canadians. In front of a choreographed line-up of 120 sailors in their summer whites at a naval base outside Victoria in British Columbia, the prime minister, Stephen Harper, gave a warning to other nations with their eye on the potentially oil-rich Arctic."

Agency Takes First Step to Protect Emperor Penguin and Nine Others
The New York Times's Felicity Barringer writes: "The federal Fish and Wildlife Service took the first step yesterday toward declaring that the emperor penguin and nine other species of penguin need the protections of the Endangered Species Act. One of the factors to be examined in the birds' decline will be the impact of climate change on their habitat.

Mike Davis | Home-Front Ecology
Mike Davis, writing for Sierra Magazine, asks, "Does this generation of Americans have the 'right stuff' to meet the epic challenges of sustaining life on a rapidly warming planet?"

Real 9/11 Heroes Speak Out Against Rudy
Ari Paul, in The American Prospect, writes about a campaign by firefighters "to expose how Giuliani short-changed and endangered the city's 11,000 firefighters over the course of two terms, and then went on to exploit their heroism during and after the 9/11 attacks for his own political advantage."

Annette Bernhardt | What We Owe the Working Poor
The Nation's Annette Bernhardt states: "The Supreme Court handed down an astonishing decision June 11, ruling that under federal law, home-care workers are not entitled to overtime pay or the minimum wage. Upholding outdated distinctions between those who labor inside and outside the home, the court excluded more than one million workers from the right to earn a fair wage."

New Study Explores Katrina's Aftermath for Women
Peggy Simpson, The Women's Media Center, reports; "Some women displaced by Hurricane Katrina have had to choose between finding basic shelter and guarding their personal safety."

Don Sloan | The Best Health Care Is Reserved for Congress
Don Sloan writes in Caveat Press: "Nothing happens in a political vacuum. Nothing. Health care's place in a country agenda is but a microcosm of where a nation ranks its social consciousness. It reveals the quality of our purpose, our economy, our priorities and where they are placed on the chain of command."

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