BEHOLD the Unfolding of the Long Announced NWO
Thu Jul 5, 2007 15:26

This IS world globalism unfolding before our eyes. The melding together of Canada, America and Mexico to form REGION NUMBER ONE of the TEN WORLD REGION of the NEW WORLD ORDER. And with it, of course a NEW CURRENCY reflecting the melding of our once sovereign nations.

And of course, it is creating an UPROAR amongst all affected peoples. It is forming "RESISTERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER", if you will.

It is not in vain nor without good reason that I have been warning my fellow Americans of the many DETENTION CAMPS scattered across America and their purpose: TO TERMINATE FUTURE RESISTERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER as it unfolds relentlessly across our nation.

TERMINATE? Yes, I said TERMINATE. Or rather, my NWO insiders (including CIA) stressed the word TERMINATE repeatedly, whcih indicates ZERO TOLERANCE FOR NEW WORLD ORDER RESISTANCE in the future.

How many Americans STILL have their heads buried in the sand???? And tragically will CONTINUE to attempt to live in that deadly "safety-comfort-denial" zone UNTIL THE NWO BLOWS IT ALL TO PIECES????

Wake UP my fellow Americans: Your remaining days in FREEDOM are tragically numbered............


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