What Happened to the U.S. Government
Sun Jul 8, 2007 21:33

REALITY REPORT: What Happened to the U.S. Government


Read the video transcript of Keith Olberman re: " What happened to the U.S. Government" -- to get a very congruent overview of the symptoms of the lock-step empire mentality afflicting our world. This inspired overview by Keith is the straight skinny on the deep doo doo regarding the highly organized self-serving greed that is the CORE OF THE PROBLEM -- a form of corporate tyranny that challenges public governance of, by and for our own well-being. This is what happens when a Constitution "of, by and for the people" is inverted, subverted and perverted by the infiltration of government regulatory agencies, the executive branch, judicial oversight and reps in congress... by the monied power of giant corporate interests that profit from terror, war, disease, death and hell on the planet.
Yep, there's something seriously wrong with that picture. And denying the reality of it won't correct the CORE PROBLEM.
At some level, we're all responsible for this -- we've collectively let it happen for lack of vigilance , public protest and self-governing self-correction of the out-of-control PRIVATE interests at the expense of PUBLIC representative government. What's being represented is NOT the angels of our better nature. What we see is more like subservience to special interests that manipulate human events through creating and managing our worst fears -- for control -- as though we were dumb animals with no conscience. This is NOT love by a long stretch. It's quite the opposite of representative love "of the people, by the people and for the people".
This unbalanced state of "contemporary reality" would be quite depressing without a simple yet profound VISION of the Big Shift that is naturally occurring in the collective consciousness of humanity right now. If you are not clear on that, go to http://www.bbsradio.com/cosmiclove/cosmic_love.php  , have your speakers on, and listen to the five minute introduction.
The new global revolution of "Net reality" -- honorable consciousness in our global village of instant-everywhere-interactive connection -- comprehends that ALL PROBLEMS are "communication" (come-into-unity) problems... just as ALL SOLUTIONS are come-into-unity solutions. Obviously, we can't solve the problems that inhumanity-to-man has created if we go along with the systemic corruption that is compounding the core problem. That would be an anachronistic horse-and-buggy system of representation that has been co-opted by giant private interests with little regard for the Constitution and less regard for the accountability that would stop the corruption.
Thomas Jefferson once said that we should have a revolution "every 20 years" if needed to better represent the public for which the Constitution was created. Revisionists say that Jefferson said, "every 200 years". Either way, we're long overdue. The Internet now compels a higher consciousness for utilizing the revolutionary capabilities that our new representation as global Netizens offers, requires and in fact, demands. Playing stupid in the face of Net reality just doesn't cut it.

"If we don't all hang together" -- as wise Ben Franklin said at the beginning of the American Revolution -- "we will most assuredly hang separately." To "hang loose" had a different meaning back then, not that we should be uptight. Just honest as in honorable.
Let the "fire works" begin with the fire of pure desire that burns through the dross of "only human" consciousness.
Honor, Honesty and Humanity's Divine Destiny Asks No Less,
- Christopher

PS: Link for Keith Olbermann's Special Comment is:

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