An Interview with Presidential Candidate Congressman Ron Paul
Wed Jun 27, 2007 22:11

Muckraker Report: You differ from the official libertarian platform in being pro-life: does this come out of your professional experience working as a doctor?

Congressman Ron Paul: In my medical career, I’ve delivered more than 4,000 babies, so naturally my professional experience has influenced my views on abortion. It’s my strong belief that life begins at conception, and that children in the womb are entitled to inheritance rights. More broadly, libertarians, like most Americans, respectfully come to different views on the issue based on their different personal feelings about when human life begins.

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Subject: An Interview with Presidential Candidate Congressman Ron Paul
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 22:33:42 -0400
From: Ed Haas

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Our interview with Congressman Ron Paul covers ground that others have not.

An Interview with Presidential Candidate Congressman Ron Paul

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Muckraker Report: At the moment, I have several friends who are operating marijuana farms in northern California. The right to grow marijuana for medical purposes is protected under California state law, but it’s illegal according to federal law. Naturally, these friends of mine are concerned about the future of their livelihoods. What would you say to them?

Congressman Ron Paul: As a medical doctor, I have a special interest in this issue. Tell your friends I support their livelihoods and strongly oppose any attempt by the federal government to infringe upon the right to grow medical marijuana in California under Proposition 215 of California state law. The Ninth and Tenth amendments make it very clear that under our federal system, the states retain the full authority to craft their own laws. The federal government has only limited powers, and can therefore preempt the states only in a very narrow range of federal matters. This essential principle of our Constitutional Republic is being ridden roughshod over by imperial Washington, which bullies local governments into accepting its illegal and unconstitutional policies.

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