I believed the "TERRORIST" story at first, too.
Sun Jul 8, 2007 17:57

QUOTE: "Now, when I express my opinion, I'm ridiculed, scorned, and labeled as a crackpot."

Oh, he's one card short of a full deck.
Oh, he marches to the tune of a different drummer.
Oh, his grandmother was genetically impaired.
Oh, he hasn't been taking his meds.

(ha ha ha)

I've found this is how American society has been brainwashed to deal with people who seek or tell THE TRUTH, or who question or challenge authority. Fascist it is, while communistic or Stalinistic is a better description. I'm sure these same forms of ridicule were used against anyone who questioned Hitler.

In the 1960's and 70's, besides the Viet Nam genocide, there was a huge American movement to create a "mental health association," and "ring the bell of understanding." It was used in the schools, programmed to the minds of children, and I even entered a poster contest sponsored by the Mental Health Association, 1970.

All forms of "associations" sprung up caring about health, and begging for donations.

Wealthy elite people are seated on these boards, and management positions, and earning healthy salaries. They operate like corporations and often pharmaceutical giants have board members seated there.

I read an article that even the Cancer Society spends $1 for every $7 collected for actually researching cures. Salaries, office, and investments comprise the remaining $6. If this is true, it's a travesty.

During the 1960's and 70's when "Mother Nature was On the Run" they staged "MENTAL ILLNESS" came out and states like Florida created the Baker Act. People were warehoused, committed by the courts, and there were some pretty horrible experiments in the 1950's before and beyond.

Even the CIA was invested in chemically poisoning Americans and others for experimental mind control purposes.

Even now as I've written before, President Bush wants "mental testing" to be done on American children. Surely American children have the highest "ADHD" occurrences in the world, and take the most pills!

At the same time mind control pills, and psychotropic drugs were being handed out to those who had been poisoned by street drugs, while, in my hometown a doctor prescribed amphetamines so teenage girls could lose weight: FAST. The same doctor was participating in methadone experiments for heroin addiction, I was told by a former police officer.

They're creating the horrors and making huge profits from the treatments.

Surely it was a plan. And even today still children are being drugged in droves, by pharmaceuticals who continue to come up with "new definitions" and treatments for "mental illnesses."

Soon they'll have a mental illness called SIP. (Steroid induced psychosis.)

But at least then the world will acknowledge many "mental illnesses" are actually the result of poisons and toxins, as are cancers - compliments of "industry."

As in Prince's song, "Let's go crazy, let's get nuts," I've come to believe anyone deemed "CRAZY" must be the really sane person who can think independently and hasn't been brainwashed by "THE SYSTEM."

I believed the "TERRORIST" story at first, too. And I believed we needed the Patriot Act and Homeland Security. But when I saw the drug runners operating in my back yard three years later, and knew of illegal immigrants harvesting drugs nearby and shipping the money back to their own countries: FOUR YEARS AFTER 911, I knew I'd been "had."

Corruption was still rampant in the localities, governments, and children were overdosing in the mountains. You couldn't trust AMERICAN authorities. We'd been had.

Many Americans believed the story given by the mainstream news at first. Those statistics have drastically changed.

And now look while Washington DC collapses in on itself in such a drastic manner they're keeping much of it OUT of the mainstream news! They won't even tell the truth to Congress without a court order.

They can ridicule you for questioning their "truth," but count your blessings you haven't suffered financial devastation, been persecuted, imprisoned, framed, harassed, poisoned, suicided, suffered a fatal accident, or been incarcerated.

It's happening all over the country to many of us "crazy" people.

We "CRAZY PEOPLE" love our country enough to suffer for the sake of truth while the "SANE" people running it are making tons of money, tons of bombs, poisoning the planet, and waging crazy wars - killing our children and others in foreign countries.

It's time to redefine: "CRAZY," don't you think?

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