Middle East Quartet Schmuartet Bunglenuts!
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK * 20 JUNE 2007 Citizen of the USA Stephen M. St. John addresses the international community in Washington and here in New York City, all members of the US Congress as well as other organizations and individuals, public and private, and laments the diplomatic Quartet's utter lack of achievement and failure to alter or abolish certain measures that have proven ineffective or have been harmful from the start. The Quartet appears to be bewitched, bothered and bewildered as it declares its concern over unfolding events that are ultimately of its own making, yet remains committed to its dubious objectives.

The Quartet's very structure raises doubts; it omits the Arab League, whose interest in dealing with and resolving the Arab-Zionist dispute is paramount; it has overlapping representation with the USA, Russian Federation and European Union as members of the other principal component, the United Nations, which arrangement suggests continuation of last century's paradigm of western solutions imposed on Middle East nations. This is hardly a success formula.

The land west of the Jordan River is one land and the interests of the indigenous population -- past, present and future -- rest on a higher authority than Lord Balfour. A much higher authority. An Eight Part Peace Proposal for Greater Jerusalem calls for the creation of a State of Jerusalem with one capital, Jerusalem, and one citizenship; in this regard it is well to remember that the patriarch Abraham lived at peace with his neighbors without any thoughts about "transfer" or "separation" or "apartheid." The Quartet's goal of a "two state solution" will only foster a psychology of a "half-empty glass" and postpone future strife.

Justice is the real foundation of a sovereign state, but there can be no justice when Zionist crimes are minimized and Arab crimes are maximized. The right of return of dispossessed Palestinians cannot be ignored. Don't forget that the erstwhile USSR, the supposed actor of the Arab "rejectionist" states, allowed about a million Jews to emigrate out of Russia into the Zionist state when the Kremlin could have, but didn't, used its leverage to include Palestinian exiles in its deal with the Zionists. Is this the Russian Federation's qualification for special inclusion in today's Quartet? Will Putin be the one to convince the Arabs that the "right of return" is no longer practical?

The unity of brethren, the blood of Abraham, underlies the goal of one state in the Holy Land. This is complicated by the Turkic provenance of the Khazar-derived Ashkenazi Jews. Their adopted Talmudic orientation embodies all the evils falsely attributed to Islam as "Islamofascism." More to the point, the Talmud leads to the wrong site for the real Israel's next temple; whereas the Torah tells us that Bethel is the site chosen by the Almighty. Even the Holy Koran directly addresses the Israelites about this, and reminds them of the doom prescribed for the first two temples and suggests that a better attempt may be blessed by the Almighty. The Quartet is all gummed up with old adhesions to conventional wisdom on this all-important point about the correct temple site. It offers no solution because it doesn't have one!

Nearly all the Christians of the west pray the Lord's Prayer and repeat by rote "Thy kingdom come" before preaching democracy. They are all schizoid and badly in need of psychiatrists, especially the ones in government whose decisions are so harmful to others. The overturned elections in Algeria and, more recently, in Palestine, are but overt examples of their shameless hypocrisy; corruption is endemic in the democratic process with very few exceptions. This is a very difficult problem to fix; generally speaking democracy should adapt to the culture of a people, and the culture should not have to adapt to democracy, especially at gunpoint. Here one member of the Quartet, the United Nations, shows a positive example by allowing abstention in voting, which gets as close as one can get to pristine democracy.

The Zionists are so very fond of creating "facts on the ground" by their illegal, unilateral actions, and of saying of the Palestinians -- after provoking them for the umpteenth time -- "the only thing they understand is force." This attitude and behavior and their self-fulfilling consequences are at the root of the problem and need to be changed. What better way to do this than to adopt a spirit of compromise and engage "the other" with constructive deeds and not just words? Of course if the Zionists must "win" their war with Iran, they also risk being mortally wounded in the process, as well as springing a trap for US forces in the Persian Gulf and Iraq. An Eight Part Peace Proposal for Greater Jerusalem calls for a region from the Nile to the Euphrates rivers free of weapons of mass destruction. Isn't this a much more worthy goal than a military showdown over what could quite possibly turn out to be -- as in the case of Iraq -- nothing? The Quartet shows no leadership whatsoever on this crucial point.

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