9/11, Depleted Uranium, and numerous other grievous offenses
Thu Jun 21, 2007 22:13

9/11, Depleted Uranium, and numerous other grievous offenses

Taken from a May 5, 2007 speech called "The Knowledge Exchange" filmed in New Westminster, B.C., Canada by Alfred L Webre, J.D., M.Ed., the videos explain the reasons for US wars since the first World War. The films also expose the history and rationale of many of the war crimes against humanity that are led by those in positions in power in the US with the assistance of international war crimes racketeers. Such war crimes include the False Flag Operation of 9/11, Depleted Uranium, and numerous other grievous offenses being committed against innocent citizens of the world.

In less than the time it takes to watch a movie at the local theater, I guarantee that these films, each less than one hour in length, will teach you some things you did not already know. They cost nothing to watch but explain everything.

These eye-opening videos, featuring the highly knowledgeable and well-spoken Webre, should be required viewing for every high school student, as they educate Americans about the real story of US history, our political system, and war-making orchestrations. None of this information, supremely critical to every American, is ever taught in the US public education system, the mainstream media, or on television.

Watch them quickly and please forward this along widely.

Part One

Part Two

To find out about the upcoming Citizen's 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal,
visit: http://peaceinspace.blogs.com/911/ .


Alfred L. Webre
Alfred Lambremont Webre, J.D., M.Ed. is known as the founding father of the Exopolitics. EXOPOLITICS: POLITICS, GOVERNMENT AND LAW IN THE UNIVERSE is the ...

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TIME magazine has an annual practice of selecting The Man (or Woman) of the Year. A more appropriate ritual for the new millennium might be to select The Mind of the Year, and if that were so, Alfred Lambremont Webre would rank high on my list of suggested nominees. Among modern philosophers, Webre finds himself one of a very select few at the center of the birth of a discipline of critical importance for the future – Exopolitics."


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