Request for investigation..
Fri Jun 24, 2005 10:16


Dear Readers,

REQUEST FOR INVESTIGATION, official or otherwise. People please organize an investigation - don't wait for the feds.

Copy this post to your machine it won't be here long.

Subject: Jewish Extermination of INTELLI-GENTILES

In order to access the validity of this claim. Someone, with resources, needs to investigate EVIDENCE for/against this fully.

The investigation needs to obtain the following information.

1. Lists of (homi-)suicide victims - assessments of what caused them to commit suicide. Were they deliberately driven to suicide?

2. Lists of runaways/vagrants/drunks - assessments of what caused them to leave a home environment. Were they deliberately driven out or to drink?

3. Lists of unemployed/given-up/drop-outs/pettycriminals - assessments of what caused them to give up the fight. Were they deliberately made this way, slandered out of work?

4. Lists of people committed to assylums/sanitoriums - assessments of what caused them to unhinge. Were they deliberately driven mad or described as mad by medics who would NOT listen to them ?

ABOVE ALL remember this: *** GIVEN a sustained attack of this nature, ANY ONE of US could have ENDED UP like THIS ***


Look for bizarre "COINCIDENTAL looking" attacks on victims. Family breakups as a result of rumour, job loss, etc.

This type of attack might look like a normal run of the mill "co-incident", "accident", "error" etc but is NOT. How do you tell when its NOT? Becasue of the sheer number of "CO-INCIDENCES" and the way in which these "CO-INCIDENCES" can be traced to a jew.

Jews are using "co-incident" type attacks on gentiles so they are not caught - the fall back position is that the victim is paranoid.


Broken/faulty/failed equipment/bullying in the work place. Work sabotaged.
All types of equipment - from a simple broken lead or nut removed/loosened to a complex computerized system being deliberatley downed.

Broken/faulty/failed equipment/services delivered to home.
Tyre having regular punctures or require weekly re-inflating inspite of no leak.
Delivery of purchased white goods that don't work or are broken in some way.
Internet connection failing.
Large numbers of unidentified phone calls, which typically ring off the moment you answer.
Mobile phone text messaging services that you didn't order and can't get stopped (because jews control the services depts).
Unrequested mobile phone porn text alerts.
Scamming emails, typically from Nigeria, often they will have jewish forename/familynames like ISRAEL or simple mis-spelling of like ISREAL. You are supposed to get the hint !
Purchased White goods which when delivered are faulty or broken. It takes you weeks to get it corrected.
Bullying in the work place often goes unreported - but it can be much more malicious than most imagine. Look for personal property damage - clothing damage (suit jacket torn whilst away from work station), property theft - deliberate victimization - lunch box, shopping, draws rifled, tools taken/swapped. Personal abuse - physical threats, constant shouting at, statements like - "we're (I'm) watching you". The victim often becomes withdrawn and non-communicative particularly if calls for help have been ignored or ridiculed. I've seen a guy of 30 years old daily abused by schoolboy type behaviour - whne he tried to report it - physical threats were issued against him. He never had a wife or girlfriend, he never got his head up above the fence - so to speak. He was a genius and nobody helped him, not his boss, who saw this stuff go on or his boss's boss who kept himself oblivious of the abuse inspite of the impossible ot miss sniggering that used to occur in his presence. You lot think gentile GENIUSES are introverts - well they are NOT.. NOT by nature anyhow, but BY FORCE of the abuse they get. Constant, hourly, daily living in fear and NO one will help. Most of these poor sods don't even KNOW its the JEWS who do/ring leader it to them. They are SO frightened they will be called MAD or LIARS if the tell or talk about it. YOU probably cannot begin to imagine WHAT its like. HATED and you don't KNOW WHY!

Equipment/property sent for servicing/renovation destroyed/sabotaged.
Typically, an automobile which break down just a couple of days after servicing.
Classically, a timing belt is part severed so that it fails a few days later or an engine repair that goes wrong.

contaminated Food or beverage served in bars/takeouts/restaurants/diners/shops/theoffice
All types of food & drink, sometimes regular supplies, like baby milk/food.
Typically contaminated with urine (you are GENT[s] - iles, pi - ss), sputum/nasal secretion, ear wax or feces (from a finger up their ass).
Sometimes (normally regulars) contaminated with poison, viruses, dirt, bacteria etc. - look out for thin slivers if glass in drinks - its indicates chemical or biological poison specially prepared for you. In 5-15 years time you could be a victim of cancer.
Then there's the forgotten order or late and cold one or the mixed up on purpose one which ruins the night. Overly apologetic, you can hear the sniggering as they return to the kitchens.

Problems with MEDICAL staff/treatment.
All types of problems ranging from incorrect diagnosis, deliberate mis-diagnosis leading to wrong treatment or failure to treat.
This includes pharmacy, doctors, nurses and dentistry.

Problems with City, State or Federal, Welfare officials/services
If you are consistently being stopped or questioned or have problems with these types, welfare claims lost, children at school (contrary to Hollywood myth its the jews doing the bullying at schools & colleges), then this is NOT just down to chance.

Case histories need to be obtained, approximate intelligence needs to be assessed and a correlation needs to be obtained.

Of course, any of you who recognize these things in your lives should access the probability you are also a victim. Albeit you might be co-incidiental or low priority.

To access these COINCIDENCES what you need to do is put yourselves in the SHOEs of the person/persons claiming the accident/causing the problem. Would YOU in that SITUATION make that mistake & then act that way? Think HARD about how the mistake could have occured.



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