Ron Paul on Now With Bill Moyers
Mon Jun 11, 2007 14:12

Ron Paul on Now With Bill Moyers - October 4, 2002 - Part I

Ron Paul on Now With Bill Moyers - October 4, 2002 - Part II

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Subject: Flashback Oct. 2002: Moyers Interviews Ron Paul on Congressional debate on Iraq War
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 12:17:10 -0400
From: blueridge

Very interesting interview of Ron Paul by Moyers in October 2002 which provides objective analysis of what Congress knew at that time and why they were leaning toward the war, largely by republicans to "support our (republican) President"! What, no principles? Listen and see for yourself, every Congressional representative had as much information and knowledge as Paul who states that Saddam "had no airforce, no navy, and was even able to shoot down any of our planes in 12 years....making him into Hitler who would threaten the middle east was a stretch". Paul starts by telling Moyers that he has no new information that would prevent him from opposing the war. (Note: this, however, was before the most deceitful State of the Union Address, perhaps, since 1942. [see Day of Deceit]). Thus, blind partisan loyalty and the Israeli lobby pushed the war without just cause, CONTRARY TO THE KNOWN FACTS. Until Bush's infamous State of Union speech the issue was clearly languishing and the neocon led administration became desparate for some "new intelligence" that could be "fixed around the policy" to go regardless of the facts. The rest is history.

Paul also discusses the "just war theory of Christianity" which prevented him from approving war that lacked the just cause of self defense or imminent threat. Thus Ron Paul refutes the desires of a Christian-feigning President (a big act early in the administration to gain support for war) who lacks Christian principles or those only consistent with imperialist Catholic Popes and Pontiffs of the "Holy Roman Empire" and its tyrannical Crusades.




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