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Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 20:23:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: a Veterans Rights Activist

While scientists scramble to find ways to break hydrogen out of water for fuel purposes, they focus on high tech and high energy consumptive methods.

Attacking water with energy to break out the hydrogen is only one way to gain that hydrogen - pressure also breaks hydrogen out of water.

Sufficient pressure to break water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules is present in gasoline and diesel engines with cast steel blocks and heads.

It simply takes the addition of a properly devised electro-mechanical system to inject the water and retime the engine while it is in operation.

The engine is started using the usual gasoline or diesel fuel and then swapped over to water as the timing is adjusted accordingly. The internal cylinder pressure of the engine is sufficient to break the water's hydrogen and oxygen apart to allow ignition of those vapors.

What results through the exhaust is excess oxygen and... water. Substances that are totally great for every living thing on earth!

There are several such converted, privately owned, vehicles operating in the United States at this time.

The only drawback at this time is, of course, that water corrodes iron compounds such as cast steel engine blocks and heads.

When our needs become such that we DEMAND such water burning engines in our automobiles, trucks, busses, and other vehicles, the industry will engineer the engine blocks and heads that are corrosive resistant.

The technology already exists - we can not have it because WE have not demanded it to be available to us. And, we have conglomerate fuel producers to deal with as well.

Prohibit those conglomerates from effecting our government processes - as the framers of our Constitution designed things to be - and we will have use of the technology to bring us to entire independence from oil producing nations.

Synthetic lubricants are already better then those made from fossil oil and we no longer need lubricants made from fossil oil!

We will be able to start our water engines using tablespoonfuls of fossil fuels at a time - fossil fuels produced from our US oil reserves.

How long before we are able to devise a means by which our water engines also store an excess of hydrogen and oxygen to use to start the engine at the next cycle? Completely freeing us from fossil fuel use for transportation.

My educated guess, about one year after our demand for such engines has forced their availability on the market.
We can have, fossil oil independent, private and commercial transportation, running on renewable water-based energy, that is totally ecologically friendly, within ten years - if we have the courage to stand up and demand the changeover.

We can use the same systems to create ecologically friendly electrical power.

It is entirely feasible that within one hundred years from today, humans can clean up all of the hydrocarbon pollution that they have infected the earth with, most of the chemical pollution, and be living on an earth nearly as clean as the first day of it's existance!

IF we will unite and tighten our belts against the costs of the changeover for the good of all future humanity.

Gary Kendall

Saltwater into fire (John Kanzius)
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Saltwater into fire 2 (John Kanzius)

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Fire from Salt Water

John Kanzius has found a way to burn salt water with the same radio wave machine he is using to kill cancer cells.
Kanzius was testing his external radio-wave generator to see if it could desalinate salt water, and the water ignited. A university chemist determined that the process is generating hydrogen, which can be burned as fuel.
While the phenomenon is interesting, it is not yet practical for energy generation. More energy is consumed by the radio frequency device than is produced for burning. Efficiency-wise, they are presently at around 76 percent of Faraday's theoretical limit. (Other Hydrogen-from-Water methods, such as the one being pursued by Bob Boyce (, are approaching 7x).
Kanzius says if someone wants to buy up the rights to the technology, that would be fine. He would use the funds to finance his quest to cure cancer.

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