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Electronic/Electromagnetic Warfare and Mind Control Technolo
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History of Electronic/Electromagnetic Warfare and Mind Control Technology

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Electronic Communication History
Here is the history of radio at a glance. The key point about electronic communication technology history is that the electronic communication technology revolution is new and still underway. Primitive wired communication began in the 1800s. Bell invented the telephone in 1876. Wireless communication technology started around 1894, and first radio technology (sound only) and then TV technology (sound and picture) were developed and used in the 1900s.
The Internet was invented around 1969, and the personal computer market was born in 1976. Routine use of the Internet to communicate and share knowledge did not begin until the 1990's. Wireless cell phone and/or palm or notebook PC communication is still being developed and the infrastructure is still being built today.

Electronic/Electromagnetic Warfare and Mind Control Technology History
Along with welcome advances in communications technology, there is also a technological revolution underway in a much more sinister field: electronic surveillance, targeted wireless communication and/or attack against targeted individuals (or even groups), and mind control technology. While the welcome technology allows people to freely pick and choose from a huge selection of electronic information/entertainment options, the sinister technology allows Big Brother (or any wannabe Big Brother) to watch or monitor, harass, attack, and (if they have enough money and technology), try to mind influence or mind control other people.
Here is a very quick summary of mind control technology history. In 1947, at the beginning of the Cold War, the US CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) was established. In order to fight the Cold War and counter Soviet, Chinese, and North Korean mind control work, the CIA established MKULTRA, a top-secret black budget program designed to develop mind-control technology. Unfortunately, very inhumane testing on thousands of unwitting U.S. citizens created the conditions for a major scandal, and then CIA director Richard Helms ordered the destruction of any CIA MKULTRA records in 1973. CIA mind control work began with hypnosis and mind control drugs and even limited surgery (electronic implants). The drug LSD was introduced to America through extensive CIA mind-control research.
Later, research into the use of wireless electronic warfare (using different types of electromagnetic waves) led to the ability to use strange non-lethal electromagnetic warfare to harm people. For example, the Soviet Union beamed the U.S. embassy from 1960-1965 and Greenham Common peace protesters were attacked with electromagnetic warfare in 1985. Different electromagnetic waves at different strengths and ranges beamed at a targeted individual or group may cause damage ranging from temporary illness to death. This dangerous technology keeps improving and the cumulative long term health damage caused by repeated electronic zapping is unknown. It is a growing health hazard.
One article argues that mind-control technology might be being used by Islamic terrorists to motivate suicide bombing attacks, probably including the 9/11/2001 Islamic terrorist suicide attack against America. (He also argues that they might use mind-control techniques first learned in the CIA's mind-control program codenamed ARTICHOKE. He also refers to the alleged mind-control and terrorist techniques of the Persian Hasan bin Sabah and the Assassini long ago from 1094-1250.)
Now, a continuing electronic communications and computing revolution has provided the technology to enable mind control research to develop and use various electronic/electromagnetic/beam weapons to send messages to a targeted individual's brain, actually read a targeted individual's thoughts, and modify the targeted brain's brainwave patterns to cause the brain to feel different emotions, and even cause the targeted brain to manipulate muscles in the targeted body and/or feel pain in different parts of the targeted body. (I believe I was first briefly overtly electronically attacked in 1992, briefly overtly electronically attacked again in 2003, and extensively overtly electronically attacked in 2005, and I can attest to both the accuracy of this paragraph and the improving technology and audacity of my attackers, who I believe were the FBI in 1992 and 2003, and specifically the FBI SID in 2005.)

US Political Repression History
Advanced electronic warfare often occurs in a political context. The extensive history of U.S. political repression in America is carefully documented in a March 2006 ZMagazine article, The Other Domestic Spying: Numerous Domestic Surveillance Programs are Underway Besides the NSA. You might want to quickly scan this article to gain a basic understanding of the history of political repression in America, and maybe read it in detail later at your convenience.

Non-Lethal Weapons History

Non-lethal weapons is a broad category which includes devices for beaming various kinds of energy at human targets in order to temporarily incapacitate them, or to control or affect their behavior. Non-lethal weapons research has been conducted at universities on contract to the CIA, and has overlapped with research on hallucinogens and brain electrode implants. BB 103

In 1991, Janet Morris, one of the main proponents of non-lethal weapons, issued a number of papers. [71] According one paper, US Special Operations Command already had a portable microwave weapon. “US Special Forces can cook internal organs.” [72] Another concept was ‘Infrasound’ using acoustic beams. Laboratories were developing a high power, very low frequency acoustic beam weapon projecting non-penetrating acoustic bullets. Already, some governments have used infrasound as a means of crowd control. Very low frequency (VLF) sound, or low frequency RF modulations can cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal pains. “Some very low frequency sound generators can cause the disruption of human organs and, at high power levels, can crumble masonry.” [73] MC 176-179

Funding of these experiments began in MKULTRA. Subproject 62 documents “certain kinds of radio frequency energy have been found to effect reversible neurological changes in chimpanzees.” [74] Subproject 54 was studying how to produce concussions from a distance using mechanical blast waves propagated through the air. Such a concussion “is always followed by amnesia for the actual moment of the accident.” It also states: “The blast duration would be in the order of a tenth of a second. Masking of a noise of this duration should not be difficult. It would be advantageous to establish the effectiveness of both of the above methods as a tool in brain-wash therapy.” BB 103-105



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