Was Lightning Striking Giuliani or the Media?
Thu Jun 7, 2007 10:24

Giuliani's thugs arrested an Alex Jones connected reporter asking a troubling question? Accounts suggest the reporter had previously attempted to ask Mr. Giuliani similar troubling questions.

Intuition says Giuliani's war-boys were waiting for the chance to ruin some careers, and put some troublesome reporters out of business for putting Rudy in a tough spot.

That's how politics works these days? You get arrested for asking the wrong questions? Payback?

His entourage was probably perched and waiting specifically for their return just to nail them with criminal records, fines, and court hassles.

Problem is these "big boys" have the power to disarm their opponents because they have not only the laws and muscle lawyers, courts, police, and the public's provided secret service in their pockets, - along with big Party and PAC money.

Having watched the debates I couldn't help wondering if Mr. Ron Paul would finally jump up and down screaming out loud for a fair shake. Seems he was almost totally ignored.

Maybe when the lightning struck Giuliani's microphone, the Heavens were speaking. Who knows? After that literally shocking coincidence, who cares what the guy said.

It's obvious the Media's Republican choices are Romney, Giuliani, and McCain. It will be interesting to see if any of them can beat Hillary/Obama.

If Hillary wins, more than three decades of American leadership will have been monopolized by two families: Bush, Clinton.

Ron Paul is probably the only Republican candidate offering any hope for a future of the Republican party with beliefs most Americans would agree with.

It's a little sad to see Mr. Paul's Great American Ideas invested with a political party supportive of Military Industrial War Lords, Pharmaceutical and Health Profiteering, Prison for Profit, Insurance Industrialists, and Global Corporate "Lobby Law Crafters."

The biggest question in the world is:

WHEN WILL THE MAINSTREAM AMERICAN MEDIA BECOME A FAIR OUTLET FOR TRUTH for the sake of the people it serves? (Or should we ask who, exactly the media serves?)

The preference for certain political candidates over others is blatant and obvious, even in presidential debates.

We'd like as much time spent on Jack Abramoff, Scooter Libby, and explaining ongoing Public Corruption cases as they spend covering Anna Nicole Smith's private tragedies and the Imus situation.

If the American Media has "social-emotional-engineering-through-brainwashing" as its main objective, why not inform American children of public corruption, pound it into their brains, and explain it in terms they can understand?

Children are taught that bullies are bad in school. Why not teach them they're also bad in Business and Government?

As it is, Americans learn more at foreign news sites, from online blogs, or overseas newspapers while the American media pounds one subject into the ground for weeks, sometimes months and barely touches the rest.

Presently the mainstream National media is reporting a murder has been finally solved. All over this country people have been murdered, disappeared and died - for decades. Why don't they report all of them? Why don't they put everyone's trial on CNN like they did the OJ Trial?

There are stories American soldiers are still trapped in Viet Nam. Why don't they investigate that? We want to know about the UAE, American port situation, and why that was EVER a consideration. We'd like to know more about their camel jockeys and child smuggling networks. We'd like to know why our children are used to police the world when few Congressional children are front line military, but have secret service protection. We'd like to know which corporations have shipped jobs overseas; executive salaries compared to foreign labor sweat shop wages. We'd love to know how an American couple earning minimum wage can ever hope to own a home or afford children. Soon will they afford to drive to work at all?

(We would also love to know if RACISM and hate can ever end, and how to bring that miracle about!)

Lou Dobbs, America needs more of you.


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