Interview With Ed Brown - Video - WMUR Manchester
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"Interview With Ed Brown - Video - WMUR Manchester"


June 7, 2007 (1:00 PM)
Federal authorities indicated Thursday they will not raid the home of two convicted tax evaders but would serve a warrant. Dozens of heavily armed state police and federal agents have assembled near the rural Grafton County home of tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown. The U.S. Marshals Service issued a brief statement after neighbors reported armed police and at least one armored vehicle near Ed and Elaine Brown's fortified compound early Thursday morning. Full Story

The voices of UnionLeader.com readers:

I have just become a Union Leader reader. I am horrified by the unconstitutional actions of local, county, state and federal law enforcement personnel. Are we as patriotic citzens to stand by while para-military forces operating outside the boundries of the Constitution degrade and decimate fellow American citizens such as the Brown's. For every Mr. and Mrs. Brown that we hear about there are thousands more every week who get the fruit of their labors pillaged by rogue forces. I urge this newspaper to answer the call and report unbiasedly and instantly on the Brown's and the draconian misuse of unconstitutional power by governmental personnel. I urge the citizens of your great state to rally as you once did during our war for independence from England. This is not about the Brown's. This is about every American and their childrens' futures. I will do my part and rally people here in AR. We cannot and will not tolerate another Ruby Ridge or Waco. Sincerest Regards, William Conrad Centerton, AR.
- William Conrad, Centerton, AR.

Leave the Browns alone. Let them live out their lives peacefully; the government will take what it wants when they pass on. One way or the other they always get us.
- Raven, Milford NH

I wonder if her dental practice would have accepted payment from a state or fedral employees dental insurance which would have been payed for with..........you guessed it, tax dollars. I bet she would. They'll spend it but they dont put in on it.
- john p cerami, Plymouth

The Feds can come against a peaceful, self-sustaining elderly couple (who simply want to be left alone) with guns & tanks & planes & drones, but they can't manage to protect our borders & are getting ready to grant "tax amnesty" to illegal aliens? What's wrong with this picture???? I'm sure the Browns would like a little "tax amnesty" right about now & they're LEGAL BORN & BRED AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!!! Where is the justice? The equity? The humanity? God help us all.
- Kim McDaniel, Los Angeles, CA, USA

You have got to be kidding me. These people are crazy and selfish. As a member of society, you surrender a certain degree of absolute freedom in exchange for membership in that society, its protections and benefits. The Browns have undoubtedly used public resources paid for by taxes before constructing their outrageous compound. What is illegal is amassing an enormous wealth and not paying your fair share back to the society to which you belong. I do not support armed action against these idiots, but the state should seize their assets and put it to some good use (say public education) as opposed to constructing pretend forts.
- Micahel Bellefeuille, Bedford, NH

God bless Ed and Elaine Brown for taking a stand against illegal taxation on our labor. This armed force response is insane and if we don't voice our outrage we will be part of the problem not part of the solution. The police used to be public servents what happened? Do we now live in a military police state?
- Betty Jones, escondido ca.

Corruption! This on going threat by the state upon the Browns in Plainfield NH shows the continuous corruption of Government to justify any way they can to steal money and property from its citizens. Most people in this state when retired cannot aford to pay taxes for a long period of time before losing every thing they worked for during their entire lives. Why does it have to be foreited to the state? Its called corruption at its best. This is what Carl Draga complained about for years, unfair TAXES. The state was driving him into poverty. He killed people over this and yet what else could this corrupt state exspect?
- steve, Rochester

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