by Chaplain Linsey Williams
"Non-Existent Energy Crisis"
Sat May 26, 2007 13:13

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Subject: YouTube video segments of the "Non-Existent Energy Crisis", by Chaplain Linsey Williams
Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 12:46:54 -0400
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Gerald "Hébert" writes to Governor Mitch Daniels , "Rep. Ed Soliday" , Senator Karen Tallian :

The speaker on this set of 8 videos is Chaplain Lindsey William, a Baptist Minister. When you first begin to watch the first video you may immediately begin to wonder what the man could possibly have to say on the topic of the world-wide Energy Crisis. His speaking style is similar to many Baptist preachers speaking to a country congregation but it really is an art of telling a story.

It is soon clear you want to hear everything he has to share with us. It is also clear he is a Patriot in his thinking and understanding of our Constitution. His warning is also very clear but unsettling. I don't think many of us have ever heard, in the details he presents, of the puppeteers who are really orchestrating the problems confronting the world today and the leverage they have that allows them to play all of us like a fine fiddle.

It is scary and paints a disastrous future for all of us. He suggests he may, as a few others before him, be treading on very dangerous ground and could be risking his life and his family's life to tell this story and hoping as many as possible can watch the eight video parts of his CD before they are removed from the Internet.

After watching all eight parts I wondered if people like Alex Jones, Dave Champion, Aaron Russo, Ron Paul, G Edward Griffin, Bob Schulz, and other outstanding names in the Patriot movement are aware of his revelations. It looks like these video segments all carry a January 2007 date on them. If what he states is true a whole new twist is added to the planet's problems. And why war with Iran is unavoidable and possibly very near. Now watch for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Interestingly, the current issue (May 29, 2007) of American Free Press newspaper, (also available on line, 52 issues per year for $15.00) headlines this same story.

Although, I've listed all eight parts below, once Part I video closes, you can immediately find Part 2 on the same screen and simply click on it and it will immediately start where the previous Part closed. You don't have to come back to this page to view all the parts. The total viewing time for all eight segments is approximately 1 hr, 20 min. Your viewing time will be well spent.


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