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Ron Paul On Real Time With Bill Maher (05/25/07)
Sat May 26, 2007 16:20

Bill Maher, HBO, amazing 8 min. video.

Ron Paul On Real Time With Bill Maher (05/25/07)


Ron Paul on Bill Maher 5-19-07 RonPaulNation.com for more

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The trigger for the Gold Fever of Enron and the Reagan-Bush criminal network was the Reagan Revolution. Little did we know that it truly was a revolution that would fundamentally change the nature of government and it would set us on a path of national suicide. In hindsight, Reagan’s vision was for corporate freedom - unleashing the giants to wreck havoc on the Lilliputans - the regular people of the world.


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A retired CIA officer Ray McGovern, a 27 year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency says
"I'm really edified by Ron Paul stepping up and stating what he believes to be the case.
"If you believe that they hate us for our democracy or for our freedoms, well I've got a bridge in Brooklyn that I'd really like to sell you at a cut rate.
"They hate us for our policies and that's what Ron Paul was saying. ...
"Giuliani ... really showed his true colors there as a demagogue."

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) on Real Time with Bill Maher 3/30/07


Bill Maher Vs Bill O'Reilly

Lindsey Williams -
The Energy Non-Crisis - Part 5 of 8

I love this guy. The more he talks the more I sit up and listen. "You do know we are not democracy."




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