By Curt Maynard
At What Point Do We.........
Sat May 26, 2007 20:56

At What Point Do We Pull The Guns Off The Rack?
By Curt Maynard

USA Today[1] is reporting that the Senate's immigration deal pleases few. No kidding? What, I need a mainstream publication to tell me that? I don't think so. I can tell the reader without any hesitation whatsoever that the Senate's immigration deal pleases almost nobody with the exception of the 20 million illegal aliens here in the United States at present and a few million ultra-liberal leftists on the east coast.

Don't be fooled by the US governments attempts to convince you through the Zionist media that Democrats want this or want that, or Republican moderates favor the deal, or that liberals see it this way, or conservatives see it that way, the government is lying and they're using the media to shovel this crap down your throat.

Illegal immigration and whether or not to send the 20+ million illegals in this country packing is one of very few bipartisan issues that nearly everyone, Black, White Hispanic, or Asian can agree on today. NO AMNESTY! No amnesty OR anything that smells like amnesty, these people must leave, one way or another, and if our Congressional representatives can't or won't make that happen, we have a duty, an obligation, to our children, grandchildren, and those of our neighbors to make them.

When do we take our guns off the rack? That's really the question isn't it? We do have a right to do so you know, in fact, that is the very purpose of the Second Amendment, something our government has been actively trying to take away from us...or at least re-interpret so as to disarm the American people.

The definition of treason is relatively clear, especially as it applies to anyone who has taken an oath swearing allegiance to the United States Constitution, which clearly states that the oath taker swears to uphold the Constitution against enemies foreign AND domestic. One definition is vague enough to include dissidents like myself IF one reads it as is, rather than considers what it really states and that is that treason is "a crime that undermines the offender's government." I certainly am not in favor of our present government and won't support it or anything it seeks to do until it (this is important) recognizes the authority of the American people, the true owners of this government. Theoretically, our politicians are supposed to represent us, the American people. When they stop representing what we the people want, they need to either leave office voluntarily or be thrown out.

The legal definition of treason as defined by Merriam Webster is simply a "betrayal of trust." Now, if the current representatives of this government aren't guilty of treason as defined by Merriam Webster, I don't know what to say. They (Democrats and Republicans) have done nothing but lie, deceive, subvert, coerce, threaten, and betray our trust since 9-11. They have already engaged in treason and many of them know it; that is why you see so many of them completely selling out at present, selling their corrupt souls and votes to the hidden elite the true rulers of the United States of America - who by the way do not represent the American people.

Am I saying that George Bush is a traitor? Damn right, I am. I'm also accusing the following Senators of High Treason, each one of them voted to give amnesty to the 20+ million illegal invaders presently squatting on American soil and not one of them can or ever will attempt to prove that the majority of their constituents (The people who elected these people to represent THEM) approve of any form of amnesty or forgiveness of the illegal aliens in their midst, not one. Thus, it's really simple no? These Senators are NOT representing those who voted for them they are, however, representing something or someone else.

Murkowski (R-AK), Stevens (R-AK), Kyl (R-AZ), Lincoln (D-AR), Pryor (D-AR), Boxer (D-CA), Feinstein (D-CA), Salazar (D-CO), Lieberman (D-CT), Carper (D-DE), Martinez (R-FL), Chambliss (R-GA), Isakson (R-GA), Inouye (D-HI), Craig (R-ID), Durbin (D-IL), Bayh (D-IN), Lugar (R-IN), Grassley (R-IA), Harkin (D-IA), Brownback (R-KS), McConnell (R-KY), Landrieu (D-LA), Collins (R-ME), Snowe (R-ME), Cardin (D-MD), Mikulski (D-MD), Kennedy (D-MA), Levin (D-MI), Stabenow (D-MI), Coleman (R-MN), Klobuchar (D-MN), Cochran (R-MS), Lott (R-MS), Bond (R-MO), McCaskill (D-MO), Hagel (R-NE), Nelson (D-NE), Ensign (R-NV), Reid (D-NV), Gregg (R-NH), Sununu (R-NH), Lautenberg (D-NJ), Menendez (D-NJ), Bingaman (D-NM), Domenici (R-NM), Schumer (D-NY), Burr (R-NC), Conrad (D-ND), Brown (D-OH), Voinovich (R-OH), Smith (R-OR), Wyden (D-OR), Casey (D-PA), Specter (R-PA), Reed (D-RI), Whitehouse (D-RI), Graham (R-SC), Alexander (R-TN), Bennett (R-UT), Hatch (R-UT), Leahy (D-VT), Warner (R-VA), Webb (D-VA), Cantwell (D-WA), Murray (D-WA), Rockefeller (D-WV), Feingold (D-WI), Kohl (D-WI),

I'm often accused of anti-Semitism because of my willingness to say and write the word "Jew." So, why change things now? Let me be the first to tell you then that every single Jewish Senator without exception voted to provide amnesty to illegal aliens on Monday, May 21, 2007, just as their co-ethnics in the ADL, SPLC, ACLU, AJC, and every other organized Jewish Zionist group in the United States expected them to.

I am not guilty of subversion but many, if not most, of our politicians today are. I am not guilty of lying to the American people and telling them that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, ties to Al Qaeda, and was responsible for 9-11, yet many of our politicians continue to embrace Bush's foreign policies in the Mid East despite the fact that they know they were developed as a result of the above lies. I am not guilty of spitting in the face of the American people and betraying their trust. But all of the above Senators are. I am not guilty of serving the interests of a foreign government (Israel) as are so many in Congress today, but yet, I guarantee you, the Jewish Zionist media will soon be doing all it can to convince Americans that people like me (Patriotic Constitutionalists) are terrorists and enemies of the state don't be fooled they're lying that's what they do best.

Lastly, don't fall for the phony vernacular and bald-faced lies of our politicians; they want to play with the meaning of words. They'll insist that they aren't giving amnesty to illegal aliens because of this or that. They'll also insist that their constituencies "want" them to "solve" the illegal alien issue. It's all lies yes, their constituents want them to solve the problem and they want them to do so by voting against any form of amnesty, any bill that allows illegal immigrants to stay in this country...but these liars will do their best to skew what their constituents want and to move forward with their treasonous objectives.

The government does NOT represent us any longer, it serves other interests, and as long as it continues to do so, it is guilty of treason and we the people can lawfully oppose it in any manner we wish. We're protected by the Constitution, they aren't.




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