Bill Moyers Interviews Maxine Hong Kingston
Sun May 27, 2007 18:37

Bill Moyers Interviews Maxine Hong Kingston

Bill Moyers interviews Maxine Hong Kingston about her work to help heal veterans; Blackwater contractors open fire, kill Iraqi driver; Minnesota Guard unit's extended tour takes toll on families; Senate Democrats back bill to improve detainee's rights at Gitmo; and more ... Browse our continually updating front page at

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Bill Moyers Interviews Maxine Hong Kingston
Bill Moyers writes: "For all the words Maxine Hong Kingston has poured onto the page from her own life and mind, for the many years Maxine Hong Kingston has been coaxing words from others. In 1993 she put out a call to veterans to join her in workshops devoted to turning their experiences into poems, novels, and essays. Here in the hills of Northern California, over 500 veterans...from every war since World War II have taken part, and some of their finest work has now been published in this book, 'Veterans of War; Veterans of Peace.' For many of them it has been a life-changing, even life-saving, experience."

Blackwater Contractors Involved in Shooting Death in Baghdad
Employees of Blackwater USA, a private security firm under contract to the State Department, opened fire on the streets of Baghdad twice in two days last week, and one of the incidents provoked a standoff between the security contractors and Iraqi forces, US and Iraqi officials said.

Frank Rich | Operation Freedom From Iraqis
"Iraqis are clamoring to get out of Iraq. Two million have fled so far and nearly two million more have been displaced within the country. (That's a total of some 15 percent of the population.) Save the Children reported this month that Iraq's child-survival rate is falling faster than any other nation's. Yet for all the words President Bush has lavished on Darfur and AIDS in Africa, there has been a deadly silence from him about what's happening in the country he gave 'God's gift of freedom.' It's easy to see why," says Frank Rich.

Small Town Struggles to Deal With Guardsmen's Extended Iraq Tour
By the time winter gave way to spring, the Minnesota National Guard was supposed to be back from war. But guard members from small towns such as Crookston, Goodridge and Fergus Falls are still patrolling Iraq, their tour extended by President Bush's troop buildup. When they finally return this summer, they will have been gone nearly two years, one of the longest stints of any guard unit since September 11, 2001.

George Lakoff and Glenn Smith | The Framers Got It Right: Congress Is the Decider
"Critics of Congress's passage this week of the Iraq supplemental spending bill lament a lack of political courage. But Congress would find it easier to act courageously if the public understood the constitutional stakes. And that public understanding requires correct and persistent framing by Congress itself. What needs to have been framed - indeed what still needs to be framed - is Congress's constitutional responsibility and power to set the course on military missions like Iraq," write George Lakoff and Glenn Smith.

Former Bush Aide Card Is Booed at UMass
President Bush's former chief of staff Andrew Card was loudly booed by hundreds of students and faculty members as he rose to accept an honorary degree at the University of Massachusetts on Friday. The boos and catcalls - including those from faculty members who stood onstage with Card - drowned out Provost Charlena Seymour's remarks as she awarded the honorary doctorate in public service.

Senate Moves to Expand Detainee Rights
Senate Democrats are backing a bill that would grant new rights to terror suspects held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, including access to a lawyer regardless of whether the prisoners are put on trial.

VIDEO | Keith Olbermann: The Entire Government Has Failed Us on Iraq
Keith Olbermann presents a special comment on betrayal saying, "For the president - and the majority leaders and candidates and rank-and-file congressmen and senators of either party - there is only blame for this shameful and bi-partisan betrayal."

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