IMPORTANT! Patriotism by Ron Paul
Sun May 27, 2007 19:05

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Subject: IMPORTANT! Patriotism by Ron Paul--a call to resist usurped powers of government
Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 06:23:46 -0400
From: blueridge

Highly recommend the speech on PATRIOTISM by Ron Paul in this video, in its entirety, for over Memorial Day...a thorough speech in regard to true vs. false patriotism, and item by item documentation of the unjust laws passed since 9/11, that threaten liberty, and take America back to the days of the first King George. This just might THE MOST THOROUGH ANALYSIS OF THE OVERTHROW OF CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT SINCE 9/11 BY ANYONE, and in an address before Congress. His conclusion is for ACTION, RESISTANCE TO THE STATE, THE REVOLUTIONARY RESISTANCE OF PATRIOTS AGAINST FEDERAL TYRANNY. Ron Paul is leading through an office of legitimate power and influence to roll back not only the rogue Bush government, but all anti-constitutional usurpations by government. Is this speech the beginning of a new revolutionary movement? If one listens, it could hardly be called otherwise. PAUL JUST TOOK THE MANTLE OF SAMUEL ADAMS AND PATRICK HENRY, WHO ADVOCATED PRINCIPLED CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE TO RESIST TYRANNY. IT NEEDS TO BE HEARD FAR AND WIDE, AND NOT IGNORED.

ANALYSIS: While mildly spoken what he states is a CALL TO ACTION (listen to the conclusion of his speech), and a call for revolution of government beginning with individual acts of resistance, i.e. peaceful civil disobedience (tax protest, rejecting REAL ID, not obeying new laws, resisting use of SSN card, more vocal and open protest, etc). We now have a presidential candidate speaking of true revolution of government to throw back all usurpation of power contrary to the constitution! I believe his timing is calculated, for now the country is ready to hear, without being accused of being "terrorists" or "enemies of the state", as immediately after 9/11, something the PATRIOT [INQUISITION] ACT was made for! If momentum builds in this regard, with many resisting and engaging in principled, mild civil disobedience, I believe the "powers that be" would do false flag ops and blame it on the "dissidents" to justify making use of the secret arrest provisions of that draconian document.

Subject: Patriotism by Ron Paul


But let it not be said that we did nothing. Let not those who love the power of the welfare/warfare state label the dissenters of authoritarianism as unpatriotic or uncaring. Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security. Understanding the magnificent rewards of a free society makes us unbashful in its promotion, fully realizing that maximum wealth is created and the greatest chance for peace comes from a society respectful of individual liberty.

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