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Rothschild created the ILLUMINATI, a secret organization whose top management is composed of JEW Bankers. Its Goal is to create One World ZIONIST Government (see: “Kill the Best Gentiles !” ). Placing Europe and America in economic slavery was one means toward that end. Periodic wars kept the Aryan population lean and JEW purses fat.

Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws . Meyer Amschel Rothschild.

Following the devastating loss of WW2 by Aryans , and the triumph of International JEWRY, James Warburg, Paul Warburg’s son, was called upon to testify, 1950, before a Senate Panel. Congress was aware finally that America had been duped into WW2; that JEWRY was the lone victor. Senators’ questions elicited this response:

WE shall have World Government whether or not we like it. The question is only whether World Government will be achieved by consent or by conquest. James Warburg

In 2007 ALL is painfully clear. Warburg's threats are now reality. America is no longer a sovereign nation. Her real-estate is secured by International Bankers who hold the paper on America's incredible $ 9-trillion debt. The machinery of government is run by Jews. This tragedy could never have occurred had not traitors within the United States government allowed the gradual dismemberment of the elements that compose Western Culture: race (DNA), marriage, ethics, education, laws, techniques, finance, arts, communication, military, esprit, etc.

Today. even the most ignorant can discern the Illuminati's historic modus operandi: Destroy the host-country's Culture through deception , treason, and war. Divide-and-conquer. Now we see how 9-11, a CIA-MOSSAD inside job, created a mid-East war to protect Israel, and to absorb our military, and resources, while America's unprotected borders permitted enemy aliens to invade from the North and South. Exactly what Warburg had in mind when he threatened "by consent or by conquest."

Many traitors who created this tragedy continue to hold sensitive positions within the United States government and within the international business community. They intend to achieve the Illuminati goal - One World Zionist Government..

What must Aryans do to survive? Is it too late ? No time remains to educate the sheep, or remodel the kitchen - the house is ablaze ! We need fire-fighters!

Will the U.S. Military stage a coup d'etat? Not likely, they're busy attempting to survive in the Mid-East. It's up to you. Stop talking. Organize. Take action. Targets swarm across the landscape. You know their murderous intent, you know who they are . DO IT.

Of course, I know you will not.


James W. von Brunn


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