Ron Paul, the CIA and the Civil War
Sun May 20, 2007 08:47


Bill Maher says in this video Ron Paul makes people think.

In a previous video, Maher questioned Mr. Paul regarding the Civil War and, among other things, the usefulness of the CIA.

The Civil War was the bloodiest of old American families killing each other as any war in American history. Less than 10% of American southerners owned slaves. Surely, as Mr. Paul said, there could have been an alternate solution to slavery.

After the Civil War an influx of European immigrants flooded this country, particularly New England, then migrating South over the decades, and took the places of exterminated children of the older American protestant families.

During twentieth century there was a war for every generation. Mainly sons, but latter sons' and daughters' lives were spent overseas. The system used in Viet Nam was the draft and later, a "ping pong ball lottery" to choose a child's destiny via birth date. (More Incredible American Government Policy.)

If a son was lucky he was a "chosen" or college deferred, or had other excuses. Or he went into the National Guard! It would be interesting to know if any underlying system existed in choosing and deferring certain children for the draft, and sending others "front line."

(Computers, and databases were used to tag Jews and political dissenters in Nazi Germany, 1940's.)

It appears the 20th century had an underlying "Kill the Males," mentality. Since killing all the baby boys had been done before in history they found a contemporary way to control population and profit as well: war, death, and money from bombs?

While children were sent overseas to war, illegal drugs, corruption, globalist corporate fascism, and crime flooded America, farmland was sold to foreigners, and with that came millions of illegal immigrants, mainly from Mexico.

Now they're getting amnesty from American leadership, although it was criminal to enter the country illegally. So amnesty is being granted and America is welcoming millions of criminals and they can each invite eleven more. (More Incredible American Government Policy.)

In England, the Muslims have moved in, and Polish are flooding certain areas taking English jobs. These English are the old, established English families whose parents built the country and paid the taxes.

The Church of England is said to be merging with the Roman Catholic Church.

Did the CIA prevent the 911 bombing? Has the CIA found Bin Laden? Has the CIA done anything other than overthrow and destabilize other countries for the sake of the American Military Industrialists, and corporate greed? Was Mena, Arkansas Airport being used to land CIA cocaine? Did Barry Seal ever really exist?

Come to America! Apparently if you're a criminal you will be rich, get richer, or be elected. Once a generous nation of good will, we have lost the respect of the Good People of the World.

And our leadership apparently has sanity issues, and should take some doses of it's own profitable, pharmaceutical campaign contributors: meds.

And it appears war is nothing more than a vast, globalist, racist or religious plan of killing off one race, religion or family tree to replace it with another.

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