Readable electronic chip in the passport's back cover
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Readable electronic chip in the passport's back cover

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The links herein, may be some of the most important information in quite some time that WILL affect us all.

No matter what, this WILL happen it the Government wants it to, so read, share and be prepared to be asked..
Where are your papers?

And, now, to the gist of the e-mail

The new passports will duplicate a passport's printed information--including the holder's place and date of birth, passport number and name, and picture--on a remotely readable electronic chip in the passport's back cover.
Read this article, it affects all. The National ID is to be similar.,aid,120292,00.asp

More on those damn ID Chips,aid,106403,00.asp

More on the RIFD.

Read these links as well.,1759,1782698,00.asp,aid,120292,00.asp

And, it isn't just us either that is worried.

Orwell missed the date in his book, but 1984 is now in its infancy.


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