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By: Devvy May 7, 2007

Legislators: We need every state rep and state senator who understands the big picture to get on every radio show you can. I know many state houses are getting ready to go out of session, but people will listen to elected public officials and radio talk show hosts will have them on as guests whether the legislature is in session or not. We need all of you to get on the radio and warn the people of your state about the NAU/SPP, the National ID and all the tools of tyranny being shoved down our throats. Talk about the states that have rejected the National ID and passed resolutions to stop the NAU. Please use any of the material in my columns you want. We the people are doing everything we can, with no help from the fools in mainstream and cable media, but it would be so helpful to get dozens of state reps and senators on America's radio airwaves exposing the plans of the evil doers. Also, I urge state reps and senators to get a hold of Dr. Edwin Vieira and talk to him about getting a money bill introduced in your state and why it's critical; contact me via e-mail and I'll give you his phone number.

At the end of all my columns are my recommendations as to what we the people must do and do it today. I see an army of my fellow Americans on the march to stop the destruction of all we hold dear. We must pick the most critical battles first and protect what assets we have left, i.e, diversify some of your holdings into gold, because the clock is ticking and our enemy is getting desperate - too many of us know the truth. At all costs we must defeat the NAU/SPP, National ID, stop this invasion by illegals and deport these criminals from our country, stop the Mexican truck invasion, stop the attack on natural vitamin supplements and health care, demand a real 911 investigation, bring our troops home from around the world, get our state legislatures to pass monetary reform bills, challenge the 17th Amendment fraud and stand up for its citizens. As Thom Jefferson said, "The true barriers of our liberty in this country are our State governments."

Important information:

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