Mohamed Atta and his doubles
Thu May 10, 2007 13:06

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Mohamed Atta



Mohamed Atta is certainly the alleged hijacker can be best proven that he had a double.

The list is long when he was at two different places basically at the same time:

September 7, 2001 alone is a very convincing example. The same goes for September 8, 2001 -when either Atta is in two different places at the same time or somebody exactly acting like Atta is in a place where Atta had been seen before already).

For further details:

Furthermore the Atta witnessed in the Phillipines (1998-2000) is in strong contradiction to the official Atta being in Germany at that time.

The same goes for Atta being reported as having asked for a job at Frankfurt airport in February 2001 while officially being in the US.

One witness sees Atta in Logan Airport on the morning of September 9 though he was officially in Balitimore.

Atta was witnessed in Hamburg in April 2001 although he officially didn’t leave the country at that time.

Atta is supposed to have vacated his Hamburg flat on March 11, 2001 although officially he’s in the US at that time.

Atta is also witnessed in Hamburg in April 2001 although he officially is still in the US at that time.

There are reports of Atta studying in Spain in 1997 and 1998 although he is seen studying in Hamburg at the same time.

A credit card receipt seems to place Atta in New York on September 10 though he was officially in Boston and later the day in Portland.

Even the official program "Able Danger" that is much in the news is strong evidence for this alleged hijacker having a double: How come Atta was identified by Able Danger as being part of the Brooklyn group in January 2000 though Atta officially only arrived in June 2000?

And how come Able Danger also uncovered Atta and Al Shehhi living in Wayne (close to Paterson) while officially they have been at that time in Florida?

Atta’s repeatedly witnessed presence in Toronto does hardly fit with the official timeline neither. See "The month leading to September 11".

Furthermore several strong indications underline the presence of two Attas:

On documents we see two clearly different hand writings:

On the one hand are his signatures of the different car rentals on the other hand his Florida driver’s licence and his application at the Florida department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

(Please note the differences in the "M" and the "A" and the fact that one is written without interruption)

His English is sometimes described as almost without accent sometimes as bad and heavily accented. In Germany he speaks almost without accent although he only learnt German just before entering the country but Rudi Dekkers in Venice remarked that Atta didn’t seem to understand German.

And in Germany he is described as being almost 5’ 4’’. In the US we have estimations of 5’ 8’’ and even 5’ 10’’ (his visa application states also 5-feet-8).

Please note that the photo is his ID presented at the Moussaoui trial doesn’t resemble him at all. (See document section)

Why do the LaConcas not recognize him on any photo presented to them by the FBI (See "Height" in background information)?

Some evidence underline that somebody with the same name as Atta was in the US before his official date of entry:

Why did he rent apartments in New York clearly before entering the States?

And how come people state they might have witnessed Atta in Hollywood already in 1999?

Further important issues:

Atta received a visa in May 2000 although he was under the observation of the CIA.

Why didn’t the fact that somebody called Mohamed Atta was responsible for a bus bombing 1986 in Israel pose no problem to Atta at any time obtain his papers?

Why does Atta overstay his visa by no less then 32 days and decides to leave the US and test his luck when re-entering on January 10, 2001? Why this lack of carefulness? Is the official explanation for Atta entering with two different INS papers convincing?

How come that Rudi Dekkers not only had the impression Atta had already had flight training but also saw in his logbook that he already had done previous flight hours?

Please note that right after 911 Atta had strong ties to Vero Beach. But this will never be reported ever since. For further details:

Note that apparently the name on his luggage on 911 is "Moham Atta". For further details:

The strange resurfacing of Mohamed Arajaki who claims to have been the boy-friend of Amanda Keller and mistaken for Atta!




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