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Sat May 12, 2007 12:23

Now that Porter Goss has resigned, it's difficult to find out exactly why. Was he really involved in poker and prostitution in Washington DC? Was Oliver North involved, too? Were they all involved with Foggo, Wilkes, Cunningham, robbing and lying to the American People? How long has this been going on? 1960's Viet Nam?

".........Paul grew up poor, was a surveyor and he worked at Punta Gorda Isles Development in Florida. There were nights he'd bring home a pound or more of marijuana, put it on the kitchen table in a mound and begin "cutting" it into little sandwich baggies, carefully to make several "quarter bags" for redistribution. Then he'd make the round up north to whichever state was targeted for distribution, in his case his home state of Virginia, to poison the children there. That was if one of his buddy's didn't make a visit and pick-up, and save him the trip. Not only marijuana he had pcp, and pills, all the pills you could imagine and he'd cut them into little baggies, too. In those days any diet-pill upper amphetamine was in demand, and quaaludes were also distributed with reds and other "downers."

These American drug dealing organizations are so well trained, are they CIA trained in tricks and treats? Are they distributing some of the CIA's LSD experimental drugs? Is Florida the drug hub for the Western Hemisphere and is the CIA corroborating with others in poisoning the planet?

But Paul lived in Lee County, Florida, and loved Sanibel Island - Captiva, too. He liked to fish. Sanibel was the home of Porter Goss even then, 1972, and said to be a haven for CIA retirees. Even more than CIA, it hosted winter homes for many affluent elite, some foreign corporate execs.

When the law began harassing you, Paul knew what was going on. "It's the politicians," he'd say. "They're after you."

Later as a freelance political cartoonist in NC, I met a state senator who'd say, "You'll never get rid of drugs in this country. Too many politicians are making too much money from drugs."
Taken from, "The Mad Cow News"

"Singing de 'Whiffenpoof Song' all de day long"
"The 9/11 terror plot intersected with the activities of a drug trafficking network of international scope, in ways that form a "crystal clear" picture of what was going on.” --Sibel Edmonds. 
So... what's up with Punta Gorda? Located half-way between Naples and Venice, and home to Charlotte County Airport, where the smell of hay from nearby ranches mixes into an atmosphere of intrigue, the town’s pedigree explains a lot… 
“The town of Punta Gorda, once a fishing village that drew the likes of a Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Ford in search of tarpon, has survived many a boom and bust period since its beginnings in the 1880s…” reported the Washington Post on September 10, 1977. 
“The (Punta Gorda Isles) development was the brainchild of two retired Central Intelligence Agency men who met while on duty in the Far East, Wilbur (Bud) Cole and Al Johns, now president and chairman of the board, respectively.”
Flash-forward 40 years to the present. Not much has changed...
From the June 4, 2004 Charlotte Sun-Herald: "Punta Gorda City Councilman Tom Poole, who served with U.S. Army Special Forces during the Vietnam War and spent more than 20 years as a CIA clandestine services officer, said he finds no fault in Goss' record of public service or policies."
When we first reported that 23 helicopters had been stolen in Charlotte County it had seemed an aviation crime. Even though we've since become, it still isn't normal. And its definitely not normal to steal 23 helicopters from just one owner: The Sheriff’s Department. 
Wags at the Airport insisted that the 23 missing helicopters hadn't been stolen, exactly... They’d just been released on their own recognizance.
 It must be hard enough being a Southern Sheriff to begin with...what with all the stereotyping.  And the Charlotte County's Sheriff's Department does an admirable job of keeping their heads held high and carrying on with their jobs even while being robbed blind. 
But the stress of "having a flyable helicopter in Chile" and not being able to interest anyone in the Federal Government in going down and picking it up is not something most criminology majors at Florida State contemplate before choosing a career in law enforcement. 
Which is why Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi must have felt right at home at the Charlotte County Airport when they moved down the road from Huffman Aviation in Venice in January of 2001, spending most of the next two months in a luxury pad in nearby Deep Creek which seems to somehow have escaped the FBI's attention. 
The first thing the two young Arab pilots saw, every time they drove into the Charlotte County Airport after exiting Interstate 75 onto a rural county road running alongside it,  no doubt reminded them that they were treading on the periphery of the Spook Hall of Fame...
They saw an Ark. A Flying Ark. 

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