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Frequently you have Americans speaking about their awareness of THINGS TO COME in America. You have groups like THE PROPHECY CLUB scheduling lecturers on the subject of FUTURE MARTIAL LAW and now TAKEOVER. There are many WEBSITES discussing this subject, ranging from , to  and others.

But NEVER is there any mention of WHAT GOD IS DOING AMONG THE AMISH PEOPLE IN AMERICA. Cut off from mainstream America by lack of electricty, phone, radio, television and the internet in many cases, they have no real window to the outside world and news, or it's influence, through the commonly accepted forms of news communication.

Therefore, people should PAY HEED when EVEN THE AMISH are admitting that GOD IS SPEAKING TO THEM ABOUT THINGS TO COME TO AMERICA. And what they claim HE IS SHOWING THEM is not a pretty picture.

IN fact, many Amish are quietly selling their farms and buying up land OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES/CANADA, and heading to parts unknown.

One prominent voice to the Amish communities across America is GALEN YODER. According to Galen, God began speaking to him and his wife through dreams and visions that they sensed were Divine.

They were shown THE FUTURE OF AMERICA and where this nation was going...all WITHOUT the benefit or influence of ANY news media, endtime websites, broadcasts, etc.

“We saw people lined up EVERYWHERE throughout the world to receive A CHIP IMPLANT in order to buy or sell........God showed us the TERRIBLE TIMES TO COME....famines....war...the PERSECUTION OF THE CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA.....and how things would some day become so terrible that LIFE WOULD BE UNBEARABLE!”

Galen Yoder has taken the call of God seriously enough, that he has become a member of the progressive Amish community, which maintains their deep faith in God and Biblical doctrines, BUT has chosen to accept various modern conveniences which can be used in a positive way, such as cars, electricity, the internet, etc.

Galen now uses all these for his ministry to WAKE UP AMERICA and to help reach out to his fellow Amish and warn them of things to come.

Galen is now getting a website put up,  , with the help of DANIEL OTT (  ) who is well known for his radio broadasting on the subject of MARTIAL LAW/NWO/CONSPIRACY, and has develped a line of health supplement products designed to help people build up their health and immune system in preparation for COMING MARTIAL LAW and NWO DICTATORSHIP.

God has shown Galen, long before he ever had modern conveniences, that deadly plagues and viruses would sweep throughout the nation.

When he cried out to God for THE ANSWER TO THIS, he felt inpressed to begin to do research on the subject, and began a line of products, NATURE'S DEFENSE, MADE IN THE USA by his own people, to help fight the coming plagues.


Because most Amish can accept telephones, via “phone shacks” set up in their neighborhoods for communal use, Galen has been geeting the warning out via CONFERENCE CALLS. ANYONE can dila in and listen, AND PARTICIPATE.

DIAL IN from 3-5 PM, EST. Here is the number and PIN:
1-712-432-3000, PIN to enter after: 670249

You can talk to GALEN PERSONALLY about his incredible visions and revelations God has given him and his wife on behalf of the Amish community USA. CALL:1-260-350-1992

In the future, Galen will be posting his visions and prophecies given to them over an eight year period, on his new website  . His testimony will also be posted there in the future as well.

It is an incredible thing to see the AMISH WAKING UP to the threat of what the future holds for AMERICA. Maybe America should be listening.

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