Fielda Michelle Looney
Privatization and Prisons/Concentration Camps
Mon May 7, 2007 09:00

The U.S.A. is increasingly "privatizing" or selling structures and institutions formerly built and funded with tax dollars required by working Americans - by the tax systm, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS.) So what was once funded, rightfully owned and managed by "We, The People," is being SOLD.

What Americans were once in control of, and could investigate or question more readily, is increasingly controlled by private corporations and/or private citizens of domestic or foreign nationalities. When those institutions involve prisoners or institutionalized people, then it is more frightening because of the profit factor and secretive environment of some private entities.

(And although American toll roads are being sold to foreigners, it won't be mentioned here.)

Not so long ago, security of our port authorities on the East Coast were to be sold to United Arab Emirates. Some Americans were rather surprised that security, particularly of our ports, would be entrusted to foreigners, particularly so soon after having been "attacked" by them. Interestingly recent news explains Haliburton is now relocating its main headquarters to that same country. Why? Certainly there are high-level connections, investment and/or friendship interests.

When American prisons are owned by private corporations, imprisoning people is a profitable business. And like other corporations surely upper management and the CEO have hefty, incredibly ridiculous salaries, maybe in the millions.

The ethical question is, if "crime pays," does more crime mean higher profits?

One poisoned bottle of Tylenol created a packaging industry and made investors and execs very rich. Like death, illness is profitable. So why cure the sick, why eradicate crime, and why not keep terror around for a while? It's great for inveestments, the stock market and security stocks.

Most of our prisoners are in prison because of illegal drugs, or crimes related to illegal drugs. Our government has not dealt adequately with the illegal drug problem for at least three generations - the Viet Nam Era seemed to be the springboard. We have the highest prison population in the world, and rehabilitation rate is pretty horrid.

Rumors are corrupted members of the CIA and upper eschelons of Government involved drug-running businesses. Stories circulate bookstores and the internet, and Gary Webb who wrote "Dark Alliance" is certainly dead for exposing portions.

Do Concentration Camps exist in the USA? Were prominent American families connected with Nazi Investments and are they still powerful today?

One should tour the "Cave" at The Greenbrier Hotel, in White Sulphur Springs, WV. Interesting place, and accounts said it's where Mr. Cheney went to seek protection during "911." The "Cave" was built during the Cold War Era, in case of an Atomic Bomb. Top Secret.

Apparently in the 1960's when some Americans were planning backyard fallout shelters in case of a Communist Russian bomb, the U.S. Government was building one for Congress at one of the most Exclusive Resorts on the East Coast.

Most interesting inside "The Cave," are rows of showers, bunkers and huge furnaces, "to protect the Congressmen from the nuclear winters." Attached to the front, a secret passage leads to the finest cuisine and living quarters in the grand Greenbrier Hotel.

The Greenbrier was owned by CSX Railroad. Is it still?

How well a baby boomer can recall the movies of Nazi Germany with the railroad cars filled with tagged, marked, "chosen" people. What a creative, secretive way to ship unknown cargo. Here, some if not all railroads have their own police which apparently operate exclusively for the railroad and in cooperation with outside, "government" police.

Highly conservative American railroads constantly fight for profit and the trucking industry is a strong competitor. Railroads have invested in their own trucking companies and it appears "monopoly" laws have not applied to many huge American conglomerates.

Politicians who write laws, and enforce them are often financed by conglomerates.

Do we have concentration camps? Do we really know? Did everyday Germans know the horrors of the Death Camps there, or did they only know of rumors? Had they questioned would they have been silenced along with those already shipped for extermination?

We should seek the help of our European Friends in understanding how Germany was able to create its own horrors amidst an innocent, perhaps intimidated and frightened general population and for so long continued the incredible inhumanities.

We are a "young" country and in no way should Nazi history repeat itself in America's heartland.

Shortly after 911, Homeland Security was formed. The "Patriot Act" was initiated. But years after the American People were to be "Protected," illegal drugs continued to run operations; illegal aliens remained in our communities; organized criminal organizations continued to flourish, and corruption remained rampant in many of the courthouses, town halls, and political chambers. And the Mainstream Media is an entertainment industry.

Do we have concentration camps? Accounts and photographs are indicative but are they true? Little more than ten years ago, a trip to Germany/Austria sent tour busses of railroad affiliated men to a death camp tour, while their wives stayed behind, enjoying beautiful Munich gardens. Why would American railroad associated businessmen and executives enjoy such a tour? Why would an Austrian company host and fund it?

To know the truth about anything in the 21st century, is to be a first-hand, on-sight witness.

Any volunteers?

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