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China could use “Race Specific Bio-Weapon
Mon May 1, 2006 00:01

China could use “Race Specific Bio-Weapon” that kills everyone except Asians/

On April 17 a Power Hour caller quoted a friend, who is a Weapons Sgt. and works for
DTRA, “The Defense Threat Reduction Agency” in Dulles , Virginia, where they play War Games and are aware that if the US uses nukes on Iran ---China will use “Race Specific Bio-Weapons” --- to retaliate against the US. Their weapons kill everyone except Asians.

The DTRA at Dulles was trying to come up in a War Game with a way that China could be countered. They know that anyway the Chinese Govt. has a policy, that because they are running out of living space they want to use “Race Specific Biological Weapons on Australia, Canada and the USA

Dave Vonkleist said this caller “was not just blowing smoke” because he knew that the US Army War College in a paper on, “Conflicts Short of War”, they talk about weapons that target specific ethnic groups themselves.

Note: Israel has admitted they have such weapons----that target everyone except Jews.

There was another confirmation from a Power Hr. caller--- Mark from Ga. on March 26th. He claimed to be a member of Delta Force. He said the recent visit by the Chinese Premier to Wash. D.C. confirmed an E Mail that he had received, that said, if the U.S. attacks Iran with nukes China will indeed attack the US with a race specific Bio-Weapon that will only kill Caucasians. He also reiterated that the official policy of China is to clear out Australia, Canada and the United States so they can move their people in.

The number two leader in China has on International news threatened the U.S. with a nuke attack on 200 of our cities, if “the U.S. military interferes in any way with China’s attempt to recover control of Taiwan”. The results of this depending if Neutron bombs are use, which only kill the population and do not damage the infrastructure, also if bombs with no lasting radiation were used, these would certainly compliment the above mentioned policy as well.

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