May Day, May Day

Fri Apr 28, 2006 19:08

May Day, May Day

Dear Friend,

Tyson’s Food plants are officially closing on Monday!! They say it is to
support the boycott called by our illegal workers—or could it be there
aren’t enough legal workers on the premises to keep the place operating?
If our man Chertoff wants America to buy into his tough talking posturing,
he’d march his federal agents into the executive suites of the chicken man
and round them up for deportation into the federal prison system.

Then there is the California Democratic Senate—they passed a resolution
supporting Monday’s “Great American Boycott 2006”. To clarify:
Legislators, who are paid by the taxpayers, whose jobs are to represent
the interests of these same taxpayers, are endorsing an effort designed
specifically -to harm these same taxpayers.

Some of the legislators are themselves going to walk off the job. No harm
done here.

Meanwhile the Star Spangled Banner is being translated into Spanish and
rushed into production in time for Monday’s big protest—they say it is a
sign of solidarity! Who is doing the pr for these guys? The Minutemen?

Consider: the street demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of illegals
completely backfired—polls show that Americans are two times more likely
to oppose their demands than support them after seeing the demonstrations.
Wait til they hear the latest version of our national anthem!

Now let me update you on what is happening back here in Washington.

The Senators came back from their Easter break with a clear understanding
that Americans have had it. It’s not that they care about the outrage of
the citizenry over the failure of Washington to stop the illegal invasion.
No, what they want is to pass amnesty. But they have concluded they
can’t do that until they have made some gesture toward the demands of the
masses: border control and enforcement first.

So this week two things happen. Both excellent but need to be kept in
context. The Senate passed nearly $2 billion for border security and
Homeland Security’s Michael Chertoff, cracked down on IFCO, wooden pallet
makers, arresting 1187 illegal workers at their plants and 6 mid
management types.

The question is: Is this Administration suddenly serious about border
security and enforcement---or are they simply appeasing the masses long
enough to get Congress to approve an amnesty for 20 million illegals. The
facts suggest the latter.

On the one hand Secretary Chertoff’s said his department was committed to
going after “employers who knowingly or recklessly hire unauthorized
workers”. But then he said we need to create a legal path for employers
to hire workers on a “temporary basis”. (Read: massive guest worker.)

Considering Mr. Chertoff released most of the arrested illegal workers
before the sun went down we can’t take him too seriously anyway.

So here is what I expect. Next week the Senate will be back to meeting
privately to decide how much of an amnesty they can jam through the
Senate. Then the following week or two they will go for it.

We can’t let them do it.

Our plan—get back on phones! I know you must be tired of calling but it
is working. It’s what got us the $2 billion and the single raid. And
what you see on Monday will convince you all over again how urgently this
nation needs your efforts.

Tell all the Senators you can call and your Congressman: No Amnesty and No
Guest Worker—Tell them you want a fence and serious enforcement, and you
want them now!

Friends, America doesn’t have much time left if we can’t make Washington
do their job. The demands on Monday will be for amnesty for 20 million
people and their families. Our voice must be louder than theirs. Please
call your Senators' offices starting again Monday and don’t stop
calling—America is depending on you as it never has before.

Thank you for all you are doing to save this nation. I’ll report again to
you next week.

Bay Buchanan


Myth vs. Fact

by Thomas R. Eddlem
May 1, 2006

Politicians and pundits are defending illegal immigration with worn-out myths
that can easily be proven wrong.

Myth: Illegal immigrants contribute greatly to the American economy.

Fact: So-called statistics supporting this myth are typically a deceptive
amalgam of statistics and supposition arranged to conceal an undeniable truth.
Consider, for instance, this statement from the ACLU paper Immigrants and the
Economy (2002): "Immigrants pay more than $90 billion in taxes every year and
receive only $5 billion in welfare. Without their contributions to the public
treasury, the economy would suffer enormous losses." If 32.5 million immigrants
(the total of legal and illegal immigrants, according to the recent U.S. Census
figures) really pay $90 billion in taxes, then they pay half the taxes the
average native-born American pays. Note too that the ACLU combines both legal
and illegal immigrants into its statistic. Most taxes paid by immigrants are
paid by legal immigrants. Illegal immigrants often pay little or no taxes
because many of them are working "under the table" in the underground,
cash-based economy.

Welfare is a term limited to only a few federal subsidy programs, and the Center
for Immigration Studies (CIS) notes: "Even though illegal aliens make little use
of welfare, from which they are generally barred, the costs of illegal
immigration in terms of government expenditures for education, criminal justice,
and emergency medical care are significant." CIS estimates that the total net
cost of illegal immigration is an annual drain on the government of $11-22
billion annually.

Myth: We are a nation of immigrants.

Fact: This myth is false on its face. Nearly 88 percent of the people living in
the United States today are not immigrants; they were born here. This is a
nation of natives, not a nation of immigrants. "But," the liberal propagandists
reply, "we all have ancestors who come from other countries." And, one might
reply, so does just about every other nation on Earth.

Are not the French merely descendents of the immigrant barbarian Franks, who
drove out the Roman era Celtic Gauls? And the English are simply immigrant
Angles and Saxons who virtually wiped out the Celtic Britons in the fifth
century A.D. They too are simply nations of immigrants under this liberal myth,
as is practically every other nation on Earth. The myth descends to
meaninglessness upon any serious analysis. Yet whenever this myth is uttered, we
are expected to nod our heads in agreement that a deep and salient point has
been made.

Myth: You cannot deport 12 million people.

Fact: This is nothing more than a slogan for people who have stopped trying to
address the problem. The U.S. government needs to begin deporting illegal
aliens, and even if it only deports a fraction of them over the next few years
that would be progress. If the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency
deported only two million of the 12 million illegal aliens, 10 million illegals
would be better than 12 million.

Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) notes that enforcing employer sanctions could
lead many to go home on their own without deportation proceedings: "If you can't
get a job in this country, and if you can't get social service benefits, you go
home." Additionally, a lot of immigrants visit families on their own, and
wouldn't be able to get back in if Congress decides to secure the border.

On the other hand, if the 12 million illegals are legalized, none would be
deported. Moreover, this amnesty (whether called amnesty or not) would simply
induce more illegals to cross the Rio Grande in the hopes of waiting until the
next amnesty.

Myth: Illegal immigrants are only taking jobs Americans do not want.

Fact: Many illegal immigrants are able to work for less than market value
because they don't pay income or Social Security taxes and are able to take
their entire paycheck (or cash) home. This is not only unfair competition
against employers who follow the law and pay employees "above the table," but it
depresses the wage scale for Americans who would otherwise select jobs currently
filled by illegal immigrants. These are jobs that Americans "do not want" only
because the illegal immigrants have depressed the wage scale for the positions.
Take away the illegal immigrants, and the market would raise wages to the level
where Americans would take the jobs.

Myth: Guest workers would only be here temporarily.

Fact: History demonstrates that "guest workers" would be as temporary as the
"temporary" telephone tax, still in effect, that Congress enacted in 1898 to pay
for the Spanish-American War. And what would happen if 12 million "guest
workers" decided not to leave? Those who argue against deporting the current 12
million illegal aliens as impractical are likely, if challenged, to say they
find the prospect of deporting "guest workers" impractical as well.

Thus, it is hardly surprising that President Bush fails to mention a time limit
on the "temporary" worker visas the federal government would permit under the
"guest worker" program he is pushing in his public addresses. Most pending
congressional legislation would limit the "guest worker" to three years — but
what then?

Myth: Illegal immigrants have a right to come here. It is our Christian duty to
provide hospitality.

Fact: Nearly two-thirds of the 32.5 million foreign-born people living in the
United States entered this country legally, and the United States has more legal
immigrants than any other country in the world. That's hardly poor hospitality,
and no bill before Congress that has a chance of becoming law would change this
nation's hospitality. But it is poor hospitality to say to the nearly 22 million
legal U.S. immigrants who waited in line that they wasted their time following
the rules because illegal immigrants will now get the same status.

The need to deport illegal aliens and secure our borders has nothing to do with
persecuting minorities or lack of hospitality. The United States can continue to
allow a large or small number of immigrants into this country legally, depending
upon how many can be reasonably assimilated without destroying our American
identity. Rather, securing our borders is necessary as a matter of principle —
in the interests of equal justice under law — as well as practical security in
this age of international terrorism. And this nation can no longer afford to
allow "myth-information" slogans to sidetrack the nation from fulfilling the
mandate of controlling the borders.


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