-continued- Precursors to Remote-Controlled Flights of 9/11
Tue May 2, 2006 18:23

Battle lines must be drawn. This Praxis of Evil, or fungus among us, cannot be allowed to co-opt our public officials any more. Already the party of Sodom and Gomorrah and Tel Aviv is hinting at a Hillary Clinton – John Murtha ticket for the up-coming presidential election in 2008. Murtha's congressional district in Pennsylvania is where United Airlines Flight 93 left an 8 mile wide debris field after being shot down with two Sidewinder missiles. It is apparent that Murtha is being rewarded for not challenging the absurd, official story of what happened to flight 93.
Murtha has made a pretense of challenging the 9/11 Commission Report with his "Able Danger" revelations. But let it not be forgotten that no matter what the alleged hijackers said or did in the months and years leading up to 9/11, there is no proof that they were at any of the airports, let alone on the flights of 9/11. (Again, where are the routine video surveillance tapes showing them there?) Even Lee Harvey Oswald showed suspicious behavior well before Jack Ruby shot him on 24 November 1963 in Dallas. And I don't mean running home to get his handgun after the JFK assassination. While in Moscow even as JFK took the oath of office, Oswald was supposedly buying pick-up trucks for anti-Castro groups in New Orleans. One suspects that if you were in the active files of both J. Edgar Hoover and James Jesus Angleton back in those days, you could be in two places at once in more ways than one!
Murtha's failure to be honest and open about the locally-reported 8 mile wide debris field extending west from New Baltimore in his own congressional district makes him at the very least an accessory after the fact with respect to the attacks of 9/11. When you consider that he is in the opposition party trying to bring down the Party of God's Wrath We Deliver from Dimona, the future of the United States does not look very bright. I suppose that all of Asia can hardly wait to breath in the radioactive fallout from an attack on Iran. What goes around comes around. Isn't that so?
Stephen M. St. John
Sole Author, An Eight Part Peace Proposal for Greater Jerusalem

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