flight 93 was NOT shot down
Sun Apr 30, 2006 18:13

at least NOT over shanksville Pa.
it was swapped with another plane.
911review blog

about that tail# (591UA) and Friedman having flown it in 2003...
he wrote down the tail number and nose number seperately.
those are 2 DIFFERENT numbers.
BOTH numbers he wrote, were the numbers of FLIGHT 93 !
I wrote to Mr Friedman's blog, and he has responded publically about this.
Friedman admits that he doubts he wrote the tail number down wrong, and seriously doubts that he wrote down
2 separate numbers wrong.
(though he does mention that he doesnt think its a conspiracy)
I know about this, cos i am the one that found Mr Friedman's site on the internet.
Now, what is even MORE interesting,
is that the BTS shows that the plane Mr. Friedman flew
was really 594UA.
whats curious about that you say ?
Well, BEFORE i found Friedman's site....
i was backtracking the tail number for 591UA (the supposed flight 93)
what i notied was that 591UA was
in 2 places at one time on September 10th 2001,
the day BEFORE the attacks.
i asked some people in a air traffic control web-board,
and they said that this was VERY unusual.
(i did NOT mention this had anything to do with Sept 11)
The REAL curious part is that i had found another plane,
594UA that did the same thing.
(it was in 2 places at one time on September 10th)

one more SMALL interesting note, is that if you look at the gov website ( it says that Mr Friedman was flying 594UA.
just a SMALL coincidence ???
remeber i had looked up that planes tail # before seeing his websiste

So, what does this all mean, what are the implications ?
Well, the tail number (and nose number) are painted on the aircraft,
so the physical plane could not be in 2 places at one time.
So, what really happened ?
Well, from what i understand...
the airport identifies planes by an ACARS data link onboard.
(Anyone with more info can email me about this)
an electronic signal is sent to the airport when the plane lands.
this signal tells the airport what aircraft it is.
this signal identifies the plane corresponding to the tail number.
so , just change the signal,
and you change what airplane the airport thinks it is.

So , about those computers....
a company called ARINC and the DOD have close ties.
ARINC seems to have a link into the air traffic control center's main computers.
ARINC could probably have made those changes with no one else knowing , even pilots etc...
now the transponder kept going on and off for flight 175.
now, why would a hijacker change the transponder code ?
3 times ?
as well, as flight 93 changing flight plan's mid-stream
that doesnt happen if a hijacker is in control.
ATC has to buy off on it,
but it happened.
Flight 93 FAA ATC radar maps

and about those maps ???
we were shown some maps of the flight paths of the 9/11 planes.
except, none of them make sense.
flight 93 is shown to be at 35,000ft when it crashed, 93 also shows
2 different arrival times (ETA's)
now, the ETA should be calculated by the flight plan and speed.
the flight plan had ALREADY changed, to DCA, so the arrival time should have been close on the 2 maps below....

The problem is that they are an hour apart ?

If thats not strange enough,
lets look at the guy who made the maps...
Jeff Krawczyk
has a histroy of war gaming, VP of this company...
Dimensions International
working with the
DOD , war games, overseas containers, and RFID tags ...

more about those computers....

China Explores Ways to Defeat Superior U.S. Forces In Fight
'Weapons' Include Computer Viruses, Market Manipulation"
According to a State Department report last year, for example,
China is already developing offensive information warfare tactics to attack economic,
logistics and military command systems.
Rather than confronting the enemy head-on with traditional military weapons,
the Chinese study imagines instigating a financial crisis in the stock market,
then burying a computer virus in the financial transaction network,

taking down an electric grid and telephone communications network,

and paralyzing the mass media.

Mar. 29, 2001
WASHINGTON -- China is developing cyberwarfare capabilities that could put at risk the computer networks
But the reliance both on space and on computers to open up new vistas for battlefield commanders also has created vulnerabilities that US strategists believe will be exploited
by potential adversaries.

Such a scenario was examined in a wargame earlier this year that explored whether a national space force in 2017 could deter a conventional invasion by taking out an adversary's "eyes and ears" in space.

We were told the tail number of the plane (flight 93) was N591UA,
but it seems as though it was changed with 594UA on Sept 10th.

N594UA is still healthy and valid
N591UA is now registered with a law firm !

591UA was also seen in 2 places on september 10th, at nearly the same time.
i looked into the BTS, and it seems doubtfull that there is a reasonable explanation.


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