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9/11 MOVIES: Everything is political fiat,
Sun Apr 30, 2006 14:58

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Subject: 9/11 movies
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 08:17:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: Chris Dardzinski


Everything is political fiat, column 26

The 9/11 movies are due out shortly. I've seen the preview commercial, for "United 93". Talking about how they wanted to show complete respect for the heroes on that plane, and for the entire situation. I'm convinced this is true. I also think Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center" will be thoughtful in tone. I trust the studios understand that this is film making on a unique and emotional level.

I am a movie buff of sorts. I love movies, love everything about them. With all that being said, I won't be seeing these movies. For many reasons, some I'll share here.
Like alot of us, 9/11 left a permanent mark. I feel changed as an American. Changed because we were attacked because we are Americans. The political experts and religious fanatics both look at the terrorists as soldiers in a holy war. I respect their opinions, but disagree.

Terrorists, regardless of motive, cause, religion or philosophy, are only two things; cowards and thugs. Terrorists are not even defined as human beings in my mind. They gave up their humanity the very moment they are able to rationalize murdering innocent people. Murdering people because they are Americans, or any other defined group.
I have mentioned this before, and I'll say it again and again. I'm tired of TV anchors referring to the "3000 Americans who were killed on 9/11"
Words matter. How words are used, matters. Using the right words, matters. This is not a case of me not liking their semantics. The producers and writers supporting those TV anchors, simply did not use the right words. That does matter to me.

There were no Americans "killed" on 9/11. There were 3000 Americans who were brutally murdered on 9/11. The difference in these "words", does matter.
These are very hard things to come to terms with. Its all still very "raw" for me. That will never go away. I am no less mad or angry, than I was on 9/11, as my fellow countrymen were murdered in cold blood. I use that term "countrymen" very specifically here. All of you are not just "American citizens" to me. You are all my fellow countrymen.

I'm still waiting for this "global war on terrorism" to start. I haven't seen anything yet, outside a few small victories.

I'm still waiting for Congress to live up to their Constitutional duties here. Congress has not debated or deliberated on declaration of war against terrorist organizations, and the governments that support and harbor them.

This is a very necessary first step. We need, as a nation, to declare in one unified voice that "America will prosecute a global war on terrorism" and we will not stop until we win. For the betterment of freedom and security of every American citizen.

About a month ago, I expressed some of these views. A gentleman out in the badlands of America, sent me a very strong response. He asked me to please stop with the red, white & blue crap. He claimed there was nothing special about being Americans.

I put all my columns on my newsletter website, and have consistently gotten the message out, that any party, with any view, on any of my columns, can send a response, and it will be posted. I sent this gentleman a personal e-mail, and thanked him very much for taking the time, as a fellow publisher and newsletter editor, for his views. Even though they were so extreme to the other side of mine. I asked him for his permission to post his comments to my site. In my mind as a publisher and editor, this is the root of good debate.

It truly disappoints me as a writer, editor and an American, that he never responded to my request. I can't get Congress to properly debate the execution of their Constitutional authority and obligations, to declare war.

And I can't get this fellow newsletter editor, to allow me to start a discussion on my website, on the very important issue of patriotism, and what it means to be an American.
Terrorists Love this kind of stuff. They Love seeing a U.S. Congress being wishy-washy on everything and anything.

They also Love the idea that some editor of a super-left leaning newsletter does not want to engage me in a healthy and robust debate on patriotism.

I will continue to do my small part, to help keep debate alive and lively in this free nation. Terrorists hate that. They hate the idea of freedom, and America being strong. They hate the idea of us living our lives, and being good people. At the end of the day, terrorists hate for the simple end-game of hating. This is a very sad perversion of why we are given limited time on this planet.

America will win this war, and I as one citizen, want to see Congress step up to the plate.

Christopher J. Dardzinski
FRN Newsletter
Publisher & Chief Political analyst
Lincoln Park, MI.

office: 313.294.0579
cell: 734.775.2267


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Subject: 9/11 movies
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 08:17:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: Chris Dardzinski
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