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04/30/06 K Street Gang: Abramoff Scandal Preston Gates, Bill Gate's father.

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Preston Gates & Ellis LLP

The Preston Firm
In 1883, Harold Preston arrived in Seattle on a train from Iowa and quickly established a solo law practice, competing with the city's 30-40 other attorneys. Preston was a prominent figure in the city and legal community for nearly half a century. Among his many professional accomplishments, he is recognized for drafting the Workmen's Compensation Act for the state of Washington in 1911.

In the early 1900s, Preston formed a partnership with O.B. Thorgrimson, a distinguished municipal finance attorney and Chicago native. As the firm opened new offices and added attorneys, its practice grew to include business, environmental, real estate and litigation services. Over the years, the firm produced several well-known partners, who moved on to serve in important public service roles as a federal judge, Washington State Supreme Court judges, a Superior Court judge, and a Washington state governor.
Jim Ellis, a current namesake, joined the firm in 1949 and made his mark as a staunch civic activist. He spearheaded many public service projects for the city of Seattle and played an integral role in opening the firm's Washington, D.C. office in 1973.


Abramoff Scandal The Ticking Time-Bomb
White House Must Tell the Truth About Abramoff Ties



You'll learn how Grover Norquist helped arranged meetings between George W. Bush and men who are now alleged to be Islamic terrorists; how a former lifeguard rose from beachbum to aide to one of Washington's most powerful congressmen to high-powered and extremely wealthy lobbyist, and how he lost it all; and how a routine audit of an obscure Indian tribe's finances has led to a widespread public corruption investigation that threatens the political futures of half a dozen congressmen and the political future of the Republican Party.

In The K Street Gang, Matthew Continetti takes us behind the headlines to meet a group of young idealists who came to Washington to do good and ended up staying to do well. It's about the perils of power and the high cost of greed. Above all, it's about how the American conservative movement began as a cause, turned into a career and ended up as a racket.

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... joining the law firm Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds in late 1994. ... Then "The K Street Gang" is off to Florida where Abramoff becomes owner of a ...

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In fact it was central to the success of the K Street Project. ... Before joining Seattle-based Preston Gates & Ellis, Jack Abramoff had been involved with ...
SOMETHING IS MORE THEN FISHY....Oh! Bill Gate's Dad? No!!!

Following the dictates of Rep. Delay, Jack was hired by Preston, Gates, Ellis and Rouvelas. In 1997 Jack led a congressional "junket" to Russia, and set up a series of meetings between Tom Delay and the boys at the Russian oil company NaftaSib. Tom must have appreciated Jack's assistance because the next year, when Jack lobbied the new Majority Whip Delay to defeat a bill that would have imposed the U.S. minimum wage laws on the big Marianas factories that employed thousands of Malaysian and Pilipino women for $3 an hour to sew "Made In the U.S.A." labels on Asian clothing, Tom killed the bill. In November of 1999, when Delay visited the island during a fact finding/fund raising tour he proudly told the Saipan Tribune "I came here at the invitation of my friend Jack Abramoff".

Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds LLP
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Preston Gates & Ellis
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Preston Gates & Ellis, LLP, also known as Preston Gates, is a law firm, with offices in various cities across the US, as well as in Hong Kong. Preston Gates is ranked among the top 100 law firms in the United States by both The American Lawyer magazine and the National Law Journal. The "Gates" in the firm's name is William H. Gates, Sr., father of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Gates retired from the firm in 1998.


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