Massive CENSORSHIP over the 911 Hoax
Tue May 2, 2006 02:29

Massive CENSORSHIP over the 911 Hoax

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Why does whether any planes hit the World Trade Center matter? After all the people are all still dead. Lots of terrible things have happened since 9/11/01. Why should we continue talking about it?

Well, for several reasons. First, the Bush government appears to be ready to attack Iran using nuclear weapons. This might unleash a new world war. In addition, Washington is expected to introduce a military state that rivals the Nazis in cruelty. They are already building concentration camps in the US. They plan to take millions out.

Second, what is significant about the 911 Hoax is how it was conducted. If the Bush government has such total control over the news media that the latter could be made to air fake planes striking the World Trade Center then no media figure can be believed. This means that the progressive, anti-war movement is extremely infiltrated.

Last, the only means with which the Bush regime can be dislodged is if the general public suddenly realizes what a monstrous hoax was perpetuated against all humanity. The indoctrination achieved from the fake image of planes striking the WTC enabled Washington to start two wars as a "response". They've also destroyed the US Constitution on behalf of "protecting" Americans from the fear that they manufactured with phony video. The only way Americans can recover what was lost is if suddenly everyone wasn't so afraid.

Please tell people about the great 911 Hoax. You know in your heart that no planes really struck the World Trade Center. There is hardly any more time left. Another World War is coming and this issue is the only way to stop it.

Scott Loughrey

Massive CENSORSHIP over the 911 Hoax

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Tower walls were composed of high-strength steel beams approximately 14 inches square on one-meter centers (39.37”) surrounding windows with each column beam secured to others by steel spandrel plates about 52 inches x 10 feet forming a belt around each floor (see p. 8 pdf). Steel beam thicknesses varied from 4” at the base and tapered from 5/8” to ” in the WTC 1 impact zone and 13/16” to ” in the WTC 2 impact zone. WTC floors were grids of steel topped by four inches of steel reinforced lightweight concrete in corrugated steel pans. Walls effectively were dense webs of nearly 40% steel covered by aluminum and backed by steel and concrete floor grids mated to an incredibly strong and dense core of 47 cross-braced steel columns, stairwells and elevator shafts.


In a violent encounter between an aluminum plane weighing nearly 140 tons and a steel tower weighing 500,000 tons, the plane, of course, would be crushed. Aluminum has lower yield and failure strengths than steel and a Boeing 767 mass was a minuscule—to use Hoffman’s term—three hundredths of one percent of each tower’s mass. “The impact did nothing,” as UC Berkeley structural engineer A. Astaneh-Asl said, “the airplane did not do much damage.” Like a pin into skin or a person falling through the ice on a lake, a 140-ton airplane flying at over 400 mph could inflict local damage without damaging the structure globally. In particular, the engines themselves thrusting along full throttle at approximately 450-550 mph obviously could penetrate a steel tower, even fly through it. But whatever blew each gash in the towers, only 13% or less of the upper perimeter columns on a few floors were broken and the upper structure of the towers remained intact.
A fuselage, with only minor hyperbole, could be termed a hollow aluminum tube. Among large jetliner components, only engines and landing gear would retain serious structural integrity in a collision although small parts like actuators would remain intact too. Higher speeds increase kinetic energy by the square of speed and a frontal area of under 25 square meters would create local damage. Yet planes running into mountains, construction equipment, concrete barriers, and steel buildings fare very poorly, just as speeding automobiles hitting a guardrail, telephone pole or tree do. A plane flying into a WTC tower should break up, shatter and scatter pieces everywhere. The only issue is the exact pattern of destruction the building would impose on its intruder.

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