Illegal immigration.
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Hi Tim! We have tried to recruit you,but to no avail. This is for you and all other decent Christian Americans. We have good intelligence that the Latin Americans from Tierra Del Fuego up to Mexico and illegals here inside the U.S.A. are buying AK 47`S,AR 15`S SKS Rifles Mosin Nagant military rifles,9mm pistols and subguns,by the p.u.truckloads (literally)along with literal p.u.truckloads of ammo for all of these rifles and pistols. They have been getting Border Patrol uniforms, jungle boots,cammie BDU`s,food and necessities. They are to attack all Americans on or around May 5, 2006 (Cinco de Mayo) Mexican Independence Day. I have had good black friends and good chicano friends also,and as a Christian,I feel it is my duty to warn all Americans of what is to happen in the Zionist States of Amerika. Please post this at APFN also repeatedly,as this may save lives. God bless you and yours. A Friend.



National Director of Minutemen Calls Southern Border "Warzone"
Calls for sheriff's to deputize members for armed guard

Steve Watson & Alex Jones | April 24 2006

The National Executive Director of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Al Garza joined Alex Jones on air Friday to discuss the escalating crisis along the US/Mexico border.

Garza, a Vietnam Marines Corps Veteran, warned that the next step in the racist agenda of so called "La Reconquista", promoted by groups such as Atzlan, MEChA and La Raza, is to turn to violence.

"They have recently been provoking the minutemen, they want us to get involved in some kind of violent altercation so they can get rid of us. That is not going to happen" Garza said.

In a nod to the recently revealed plans to build their own fences should the federal government refuse to do so, Garza commented:

"We are going to seal the borders, one way or another, we have plans, and the minute we seal the borders we want to address the illegal immigration issue in terms of the hiring of these illegals because that is in fact a crime. Once that happens there is no reason for amnesty or guestworker programs."

Garza stressed that the bottom line is to restore the rule of law along the borders:

"We've got rules and laws for American citizens but no rules and laws for illegal aliens, why? Again I think this has been the plan all along and they have been told from the very top."

"We are concerned about public safety and national security, that includes diseases, terrorists - and in fact speaking of terrorism, this is nothing less than that, when illegal aliens are walking through your property and turning American flags upside down... And if we don't accommodate them we are called racist and inhumane." he continued.

Garza concluded the interview by stressing that the Southern border is akin to a warzone. Law and order has been all but suspended and areas of south Texas and Arizona are more dangerous per capita than Israel's West Bank.

"We are virtually at war, we should in fact deploy our military to the borders. You do that and you will seize all these criminals and all these drug cartels that do what they want to do."

Garza stressed that even people within the Minutemen project and other volunteers could be deputized by the governors of Texas and Arizona right now to do the job if the government will not bolster border control:

"They refuse to do it because it is not economically possible." he said.

We have previously covered the Nightmare Racism and Open Call for Revolution from groups such as the Atzlan reconquista movement, MEChA and La Raza who call their American based radio stations "the Invasion". Such groups have no desire to respect US culture and wish for nothing more than the US to be broken up.

Of course these groups are minority movements, yet their reach evidently becomes increasingly appealing to proud Mexicans when the President tells them they can come to the US and do awful jobs because they are less worthy than Americans.

We have also exposed how illegal immigration is being used by drug commando organizations such as Los Zetas to gain unrestricted passage into the US.

Former DEA agents have come forth declaring that such groups, admittedly trained by the US Government are being used as front groups for CIA and government controlled narcotics operations. To shut down illegal immigration and strengthen the borders would go some way to prevent such lucrative activities, therefore it's a government no-no.

We have also previously revealed how their has been an artificial engendering of racial tension by lobbying firms connected to both The GOP and Mexican President Vicente Fox.

In late December 2005, Mexican President Vicente Fox hired a GOP lobbying firm to sweeten political sentiment in the US towards Mexicans and the immigration issue.

Such tensions could lead to rioting and may provide the perfect pretext to begin round-up and internment procedures that have been previously outlined in the REX 84 program and were cited in the recent Kellogg Brown and Root contract to construct detention camps which was given to them by Homeland Security


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