How to force illegals back to Mexico
Tue Apr 25, 2006 14:13

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Subject: How to force illegals back to Mexico and any other country they come from
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 17:09:49 +0000

Yesterday, President Bush said in California that there's no way to deport the
millions of illegals.

Neal Boortz

a national radio show host, this morning listed
these ways to force illegals from America:

l. Close the borders

2. Arrest all employers who hire illegals, jail and fine them.

3. Pay wages to jobs held by illegals that will attract Americans.

4. Heavily tax all wire transfers of money from illegals into Mexico.
[A lot of this money goes to pay coyotes who transfer Hispanics into the USA to
pay off loans with heavy interest payments.]

5. Change the law; if born to an illegal, a child is not automatically a US

6. Put an end to all freebies except emergency benefits for illegals (no free
medical, etc.)




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