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Wake up others to win your Freedom
Tue Apr 25, 2006 20:29


(excerpt from "Message to Mr. and Mrs. America)
J. Croft

Share with them what you've discovered and have gained. Get copies of the text, files and video that made you aware of the truth and share them. Just keep in mind the slow learning curve that you went through, being at one time as conditioned as they are. Patience, tact, and a minor miracle are needed to get through to the standard right or left wing American. Patience as in not giving up, ever, to educate. Tact as in not making them as the enemy-they're the ones who engineered our entire culture and society into it's current sorry landscape. You don't win over white collar types by getting in their faces with black crusted bare feet, bell bottoms, a hemp shirt and a week without a bath. Likewise, you don't win over the millions of "lower class" Americans at the local bar watching nascar by trying to engage them in a analysis of the government backed manipulation of the precious metals markets. You have to get people to relate to you so they will listen-that's just how Americans are trained.

Find out who they are. Find out what their buttons are. Corrupt, traitorous bosses, dirty "brother cops", dirtbags making their neighborhood a hellhole, their jobs getting sent overseas-there's enough illuminati generated miserey to go around for everyone. You'll find some topic that's got them by the balls…

…and then, the miracle is up to God-does this person have a open enough heart, enough love so that God can get this guy to listen to you? Have faith; God works in ways the devil and his legions cannot comprehend. He's got a million plans for victory for every one they labor to put together, but what He needs is your actions to get through to others. Osmosis only works with bacteria folks; we want Freedom, we're gonna have to fight side by side with God Almighty to do it, not watch the spectacle from our living rooms on CNN.

It's gonna be slow going; we Americans are a closed minded lot, and it takes a lot for us to not trust our lifetime friend the television. But if you keep at it, and even the failures will give you lessons on how to reach others better, our numbers will increase. You might even make a few new friends. And getting more people in the fight is vital, because with many, a lot more can be accomplished!


With others with you, even in your neighborhood you can enhance your own personal defense-you extend the zone you're capable of securing from outside threats by protecting each other like you were protecting yourselves. That's the attitude you have to have with all group efforts.

Doing things as a freedom loving group has definite economic advantages-ever heard of group buys? Pooling together cash for bulk purchases allows you to buy a lot more. Just about anything outside of luxury items can be had for a better bargain when you can hand the merchants more cash.

Also, a group of self-sufficient individuals who are honest with and trust each other will almost automatically create a localized economy in their neighborhood or extended group. Services and items are bartered, rendering such untaxable and therefore free from state theft. One guy does metalwork, one guy continually trains the group in self-defense, one woman can grow herbs, one guy maintains computers. More than one can open up a quality, private homeschool for their children, as the public schools paid for by your property taxes do little beyond program us to be unthinking slaves. It's communal, but definitely not communist as you rightfully keep the fruits of your labors.

As your duty for expanding freedom, you simply must phase out federal reserve notes(you know as cash)-they're the financial insturments of our slavery to the state. Do barter items, labor, knowledge, and silver and gold for currency. Silver and Gold are suppressed because they are real money and cannot be inflated at will by the state, which is why prices always go up.

It is not enough to just save yourselves. As you've liberated other individuals, so you as a group must help other individuals and groups to liberate themselves. This helps expand freedom in general, and create more groups for mutual trade, defense and cooperative political activities. The composition and strengths of each group will vary as to their nature; you'll have a old enclave of survivalists sharing long accumulated knowledge and training.

A rural town that's always loved freedom that knows how to survive hard times-because they're already in hard times. Rooted, grounded folks who know how to take care of themselves as a close knit community will have a lot of hard won experience to share.

A middle class suburban block group that's become motivated to take care of each other. Not only that, they offer sanctuary to persecuted freedom fighters and access to the community as acceptable citizens. Also, America's middle class has in their neighborhoods experts from every field and will have the largest incomes-AFTER YOU PEOPLE GET OUT OF DEBT.

You'll have a geographically disconnected but unified secret group of decent Freedom loving street cops and soldiers providing some much needed stability and direction(and firepower). These folks if they have any sense will be among the most motivated to get people to work for change. They need to be because Americans have been trained to take authority figures at their word… and Freedom fighting street cops and soldiers ARE "authority figures".

A self-unionizing factory whose workers know how to make things. These are the people who will lead the economic struggle to rebuild America from the many decades of treason. In the meantime, their knowledge will enable freedom loving groups to be self sufficient and integrate trade and industrial efforts.

A secret group of freedom loving bureaucrats and politicians working as a intelligence gathering agency, letting us know when raids are planned, more oppressive laws enacted. They more than anyone will know who the traitors are and where they'll hide.

A group of computer technicians, hackers and independent filmmakers documenting our successes, the evils of our common enemies, and creating hard hitting news and how to DVD's and text. We're going to need a backup communications system when the internet's sabotaged-and these people will know how to build it.

We all don't need to agree on everything. What we all need to do is to act in common cause against our main enemies-the hydraheaded government-corporate composite organization that's enslaved us. Only with it's destruction will we have the luxury to have a civilized, peaceful debate between the WASPS, the poor, the minorities, the cops, the enviromentalists on how things should be-and I'll bet that without Illuminati manipulation and sabotage Human Civilization can and shall make great leaps and bounds.

We have to defeat them first. That's going to require united political and possibly military action from all of these disparate groups. Question is, do you love freedom enough to unite in common cause with folks you've been programmed to hate?

When you've got a group that's liberated themselves from the state's controls, you can expect a lot of negative attention from their bureaucrats and house slave cops. Don't expect any relief from the state's bureaucrats by using the state's courts; even more than you were, these clueless souls have been enchanted by the pseudo-freedom illusions of the satanic entity they serve. Yet, to fight a government, you need a government, or… take over the government persecuting you!

Taking back the government-peacefully!

This is the preferable manner of us as groups reclaiming our Freedom. To be effective, one must have a understanding of America's political system as it relates to our cause. We have a president, a vice-president and their agents, a congress, a federal judicial system, and the duplication of this political layout among the states. Beyond that you have the many thousands of county and local governments. So what will work best?

Take over the presidency?

It's long been proven that unless you have the blessings of the two official parties of this nation, you cannot seriously run for president. The closest independent candidate was Ross Perot back in 1992, and even being a billionaire didn't shield him from getting shredded by the media.

So, assuming the voting machines are honest(not)and the media's fair(not) you need the machine of a major party backing you(won't happen).

And the president can only do so much; America's system of government is extremely compartmentalized, so that unless you have a common ideology and party mechanism guiding and controlling the various components, it's impossible for one man to dictate policy. So a independent party president, one lone person against the rest of the hydra headed federal monstrosity is not only impossible, it's retarded even planning such a thing.


Congress is made up of 540 members-100 senators and the rest in the house of representatives. All are elected in staggared election cycles so it would take approximately a decade of successful nationwide campaigning to create a majority party. Yes, congress writes the laws and taking it back is essential in our struggle, but even factoring out the two official parties and their political machines the structure of this body demands a massive political machine of our own.

Massive organizations that have a heirarchial structure have been penetrated, subverted and corrupted by our enemies since the beginning of time. It's a process that to them is a natural as breathing. Then there's all the fundraising that will be needed and we're not rich-the only ones with money in America are the same pack of vampires who've been sucking us dry. So a singular, national organization will not be sucessful.

Independent and rogue candidates however do have some success. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Tom Tancredo of Colorado, Ron Paul of Texas, and at one time James Trafficant of Ohio sadly represent the successes. Most candidates are attorneys who've long ago prostituted themselves. They whore themselves to the political machine that will take them where they want to go. All they want is power and in exchange have legislated the monstrosity American government has become. The democrats and republicans, their bosses for all practical purposes appoint these elitists their congressional seats and they're prepared to spend whatever cash it takes to take or retain that seat. Vote fraud of course is part of their arsenal.

There are no rich left in these times who would willingly sacrifice their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor-they're either sold out or scared. So any candidates for congress will have to be raised and funded by us. That means we have to do it in a grass roots manner. We have to build not one political machine, but a army of political machines that are independent of one another, yet cooperative.

Many small parties, one common agenda

This form of political resistance lends itself naturally to our groups. It will go like this:

The group helps other groups form. They in turn during the next local election cycle turn out and get the candidates they choose elected in town and county governments.

Much of the oppressive laws plaguing us are drafted and enforced locally. Taking over local governments will not only give the freedom groups relief from local law enforcement harassment, it will give us the tools to revoke and repeal such things as:

Property taxes that allow the government to sieze that home you're working a lifetime to pay for if you miss one "rent" installment. Those in power whine that property taxes are for the schools and the children-isn't that what their gambling rackets known as the lotto are for? And they're willing to make you and yours homeless for the children… such evil makes me just want to shoot them. But let's try not to go there yet.

All those damned zoning restrictions, regulations, speed trap traffic laws designed to churn up "tax" revenue, laws criminalizing all sorts of things and actions that bother nobody. Think of any local ordinance that seems to have been drafted by a neurotic control freak… the list would be endless really!

Un-Constitutional, pro criminal gun control legislation. A big part of their program's disarming us so that we're helpless and have to rely on them exclusively for protection, establishing dependence. Not that the cops are legally obligated to your personal protection of course.

Anything that pledges cooperation with state and federal authorities, at least until we take our nation back!

Another book recommendation: HOW TO WIN A LOCAL ELECTION. Should be in your local bookstore.

When we take back a local government and bring that jurisdiction back into line with the classic tenants of American government, it will be a beacon of light, an example of successful peaceful resistance. It will immediately inspire and launch similar efforts in neighboring communities. Each composed of small, decentralized groups working together on the big problem, so that one day they can afford to bicker on the small stuff-that the Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Christian Patriots and Conservatives currently do. So together, with control of enough cities and townships, the combined efforts of those groups can take over counties. With control of enough counties, an entire state can be taken over by our groups.

(go to www.theclairefiles.com go to their message boards. Also go to www.rwva.org for instruction on learning to use a rifle-the badge of a Free Man.)

Why take that next step? The list of things we can do when we take back our local governments is vast, but then there would be the call to centralize governmental control with state and federal authorities. So when this begins we must be as aggressive as possible-being examples to others, advising, and most importantly WE MUST NOT FIGHT AMONGST OURSELVES OVER STUFF WE CAN DEBATE AFTER WE RETAKE OUR LAND! Backbiting will be exploited by our enemies, it will be our biggest downfall.

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