04/25/06 Audio: LATE NIGHT U.S. HOUSE
U.S. House: 30 Something re: Oil Prices
Wed Apr 26, 2006 17:14


04/25/06 Audio: House: 30 Something re: Oil Prices

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Everything that Bush and Cheney have worked for is coming to pass.

The Oil Cabal has been given Billions in tax breaks, has been allowed to author energy legislation, have reaped record profits, been allowed to consolidate into bigger and bigger corporate predators, and it’s not going to stop until the Republicans are run out of town.

And never missing an opportunity to undo the good that others have done, Bush scraps environmental and health regulations for his oil buddies in the name of “helping” you. Unreal…

Meanwhile, it’s official: Fox News hack and former Rush Limbaugh fill in host Tony Snow is the new Bush mouthpiece. Sure he’s great at lying but like all conservatives who have had to distance themselves from Bush, Snow also has a ton of Anti-Bush baggage to reconcile now.

And more hard evidence that Bush’s War on the Poor & Middle Class is working just as planned…the number of uninsured Americans is skyrocketing!

These stories and much more on today’s Randi Rhodes Show.


Children, the lambs of God. MoreThings is happy to share a few of their more choice works.

Children of course can't understand the complexities of adult business yet- but neither can most adults. Here's the one picked as the grand prize winner. Six year old Nicholas has at least some vague understanding that being in the BATF means that his parent is some kind of policeman


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