Our problems is our congress
Thu Apr 27, 2006 01:03

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Subject: Our problems is our congress

From: Frank fkhouck@cox.net
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We need a strategic winning strategy, With over 75% of the people in
agreement with removing the illegal aliens and a 100% in removing high gas
prices that shouldn't be that hard. The voting box is the key, and its the
only key. If the congressman feel certain of what you are going to do at
the voting box, they will do what you want.

Congress has mastered deception and creating confusion with words. You
know “immigration reform”
to represent making illegals legal. Undocumented. Changing the reality of
companies outsourcing to use slave labor and sweat shops to being
competitive. They keep the confusion coming dealing with insignificant
issues and political gaming between democrat and republican. So people
vote democrat or republican instead of substantive issues like social
security, health care, removing illegal aliens. The national debt, the
will of the people....

But, over time they can't hide or confuse the results of what they have
done. The people are angry and understand clearly what they haven't
done that they could have, but because of special interests the congress

We need a slogan that is a clear representation of what all Americans feel
in their gut on this issue.
Well thats certainly simple: when I hear congressman speak on undocumented
immigrants, my first thought is, throw that bum out. So thats what it
should be, we should all be unified to “throw the bum's out.” Obviously we
don't care which bum's. That makes selection easy, vote against all
incumbents in every election democrat or republican or anything in
between. Until the demands of the people are met.
No legislation on topics like gay rights, abortion and divisive issues of
the people till these demands are met.

Remove all incumbents from office

These are the feelings of the AMERICAN people on illegal aliens, view
polls below. This along with the frustration over high electric and gas
prices. the failure to fix social security, health care costs, the
national debt, the war, the outsourcing of jobs, the importing of guest
workers. and the overall distrust of congress for both sides. With that
we can now start a push to get the people involved in removing all
incumbents. None of the congressional political games will work in this
scenario. The move is to remove all incumbents and to continue doing it
till these problems are solved.

Look at these polls at : http://numbersusa.com/interests/publicop.html

Why this strategy will work according to the voting habits of our system.
Assuming the voters are divided 50% democrat and 50% republican. That is
true even in California, the races here are closer then most people think.
The swing voters in every election make the difference. The polls say that
at the minimum 57% of the people want as many illegal aliens removed as
possible. This number is evenly split between republicans and democrats.
So 25% will still vote along traditional lines both republican and
democrat. In this scenario the maximum vote any incumbent can get is 25%.
The democrats will be replaced with republicans the republicans replaced
with democrats with a mandate to serve the people knowing if they don't do
what we want. They are now the incumbent and next in line to be removed,
we will
get our country back. For that 57% feelings are strong enough about these
issues that they will
vote against there own party to see them resolved. I know, I wouldn't give
it a second thought, how about you?

Put real money not words into removing the need for oil. Other third world
countries have done it, and probably with our technology.

Any legislation that is created to legalize illegal aliens will be
reversed. And acted on.
A commercial business that use to be called bounty hunting will be
created. The bounty hunters will locate and identify where the aliens are
and report them to the authorities, similar to the minute man program only
for profit. The bounty hunters will get lets say for now $100 dollars a
head for finding them, the business that hired them, the place that housed
them, will pay the money for the bounty hunters and the expense of holding
them as well as the cost to send them back. As all of our citizens have
been told themselves one time or another and understand “ignorance of the
law is no excuse. “ If they hired them they are guilty and will pay. How
they can claim that an employee they hired that can't speak English is an
American I'll never know. The bounty hunters will be a billion dollar
American business over night and the day it starts our problem will be on
the way out. The jobs will be gone and so will the illegal aliens. At no
cost to the tax payer

The total removal of lobbying, which is simply money buying legislation.

Nothing that is not made in this country can be sold in this country. This
lets other countries sell here but only if they manufacture their products
here. That increases employment and balances the playing field for real
competitive business. Other country's can do the same. If we want to sell
products in another country we should make them there with their people.
Also helps their unemployment.

Open elections where anyone can run for president or any other office,
without restrictions, created by the people in office to stop competitors.
This is a right granted by our constitution.

Create law that would create an instant election for that congressman's
seat if he votes for anything that 50% of his constituency doesn't want,
this is a representative government. They are not in charge here, we are.
That will be based on any poll taken.(any poll). And the time for the new
election is immediate. (within a week). By the way don't worry about the
expense, no congressman is going to test the water on that legislation. We
wouldn't be fighting to stop illegal amnesty if that legislation existed
right now. In any case it would never pass.

Equal and fair time on the media for anyone running for office. No outside
campaigning. Keep it fair and keep the money out of it.

To get our country back as the founding fathers wanted it. We must forget
about being republican or democrats and vote all the bum's out. Vote
against the incumbent no matter what they are in every election until
these basic needs are met.

That will wake them up. Put up or get out. Stand for our people or stand
in the street. That Americans can understand and now is the time to
campaign for their removal.

The major significance for our congressman for this approach is: We aren't
just telling them what we want right now. We are telling them what we are
going to do about it. We will keep it alive and will reverse what ever
they do. Thinking we have short memories and will forget, will no longer
be an option for them.

Frank Houck
396 Park Way
Chula Vista, ca. 91910
619 691 1692

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities – brilliantly
disguised as insoluble problems.” What you are able to achieve is
proportional to what you believe to be impossible. Achieving great success
for your efforts isn't everything - but, achieving nothing with no effort
isn't anything.... If you don't know where you are going, you will be
there on every step. And if you set no targets to achieve, you will
certainly hit your mark....


An Open Letter to All Our Elected Servants and Candidates
And to Each of US,
We the People

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