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27 April A.D. 2006

The point of this one is not the discussion about the Sheriffs. There's a critical issue of "where" we are that leaves open the possibility that the notions expressed there are not still valid and reliable. If it's still valid and reliable, great. But, if the Sheriffs who take off in this direction start getting hammered, don't be shocked. There's more to our legal reality than meets the eye. And, it's not a pretty sight.

The point of this one is the "civil" flag. If it doesn't show up in the email (which it should), hopefully the link under that graphic, which is in the top left corner of the note, will take you to a place where you can see this flag. In "international law," one of the foundational concepts is the "law of the flag." Thus, we do well to study flags.

As the differences in the flag depicted here and the one we're used to seeing start rushing to mind, just know that we've been inundated with the "popular" flag for a long time, and we're still here, and Due Process is still here, and a whole host of fundamental legal principles are still here. The Law has survived the onslaught against it, and, contrary to popular views, we really CAN thank the Supreme Court for having never strayed from that course. To understand what they've been teaching us is to go through a wicked paradigm shift. However, once we've survived that journey, a LOT of things will start to be abundantly clear, so clear that "they'll" never fool us again with it or about it.

(not in "this state")
(without the United States)

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feds not welcomed without a leash & muzzel

U.S. Civil Flag 3x5 Poly $38

The united states Civil Flag. The banner of the Republic! In-law under the Constitution.
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
-Benjamin Franklin

From the loftiest point of its roof, during precisely three and a half hours of each forenoon, floats or droops, in breeze or calm, the banner of the republic; but with the thirteen stripes turned vertically, instead of horizontally, and thus indicating that a civil, and not a military, post of Uncle Sam's government is here established.

-Nathaniel Hawthorne
Scarlett Letter

US Civil Flags is seeking the restoration of a Common-Law government as defined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of these united states of America; and the re-institution of a debt and usury-free Gold-based currency coined by the Treasury of these united states.



Date: Tuesday, 25 April 2006, 3:28 a.m.

This is just the beginning folks, I can't tell you more.


County sheriffs in Wyoming are insisting that all federal law
enforcement officers and personnel from federal regulatory agencies
clear all their activities in a Wyoming county with the Sheriff's
Office. Speaking at a press conference following the recent US District
Court decision (case No 2:96-cv-099-J) Bighorn County Sheriff Dave
Mattis stated that all federal officials are forbidden to enter his
county without his prior approval.

"If a sheriff doesn't want the Feds in his county he has the
constitutional power and right to keep them out or ask them to leave or
retain them in custody."

The court decision came about after Mattis &
other members of the Wyoming Sheriffs' Association brought a suit
against both the BATF and the IRS in the Wyoming federal court district
seeking restoration of the protections enshrined in the United States
Constitution and the Wyoming Constitution. The District Court ruled in
favor of the sheriffs, stating that,

"Wyoming is a sovereign state and
the duly elected sheriff of a county is the highest law enforcement
official within a county and has law enforcement powers exceeding that of any other state or federal official."

The Wyoming sheriffs are demanding access to all BATF files to verify
that the agency is not violating provisions of Wyoming law that prohibit
the registration of firearms or the keeping of a registry of firearm
owners. The sheriffs are also demanding that federal agencies
immediately cease the seizure of private property and the impoundment of
private bank accounts without regard to due process in state courts.

Sheriff Mattis stated:

"I am reacting to the actions of federal
employees who have attempted to deprive citizens of my county of their
privacy, their liberty, and their property without regard to
constitutional safeguards. I hope that more sheriffs all across America
will join us in protecting their citizens from the illegal activities of
the IRS, EPA, BATF, FBI, or any other federal agency that is operating
outside the confines of constitutional law. Employees of the IRS and the
EPA are no longer welcome in Bighorn County unless they intend to
operate in conformance to constitutional law."

This case is evidence that the Tenth Amendment is not yet dead in the
United States. It may also be interpreted to mean that political
subdivisions of a State are included within the meaning of the
amendment, or that the powers exercised by a sheriff are an extension of
those common law powers which the Tenth Amendment explicitly reserves to
the People, if they are not granted to the federal government and
specifically prohibited to the States.

(Comment: Constitutionally the sheriff is the highest and only elected
law-enforcement officer in the state. Also, agencies that are part of
the executive branch do not have jurisdiction outside DC. To its
everlasting disgrace the Legislature of Mass. has abolished the Sheriffs
in the state that gave us Lexington, Boston and Concord! This was
totally unconstitutional and never should have happened! Without the
Sheriff you have no elected law enforcement office! The State Troopers
are an arm of the governor's office and have no constitutional

"Wyoming is a sovereign state and the duly elected sheriff is the
highest law enforcement official and has law enforcement powers
exceeding that of any other state or federal official."

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