Sidney Blumenthal
White House Snow Job
Thu Apr 27, 2006 17:58

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Sidney Blumenthal | White House Snow Job
Sidney Blumenthal remarks: "The hiring of Tony Snow, the former Fox News anchor and talk show host, as White House press secretary is an attempt to put a human face on a damaged administration at war with the press ... Snow arrives in the West Wing at a parlous moment. In the latest Gallup poll, Bush has plummeted to 32% approval, diving without any landing in sight. Rather than change any of his fundamental policies, he has dug himself deeper into his bunker."

Lay Loses His Cool on Stand
Before he took the stand, a number of legal experts had predicted that Mr. Lay would use the same folksy charm he employed during his heyday as the public face of Enron to seek to win over the 12 jurors deciding his fate in the criminal fraud trial here. But during his three days so far as a witness, Mr. Lay has found it harder and harder to maintain a kindly grandfatherly image.

Government Pesters Wounded Soldiers Over Unwarranted Debts
Nearly 900 soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan have been saddled with government debts as they have recovered from war, according to a report that describes collection notices going out to veterans with brain damage, paralysis, lost limbs and shrapnel wounds.

Republicans Pushing Weak Ethics Bill
The weak ethics reform bill pending in the House of Representatives does little to curb the influence of money in politics. The bill does not restrict the gifts or meals provided by lobbyists as House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) had proposed in January, nor would it expand the number of enforcers of lobbying rules and laws.

Native Americans Left Out of Anti-Meth Bill
Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) said Tuesday that he is working to fix a mistake in the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 that President Bush recently signed into law. Tribes and pueblos were unintentionally left out as eligible applicants under two Department of Justice initiatives the new law created: the COPS Hot Spots program and the Drug-Endangered Children program.

J. Sri Raman | Vigilance Follows Victory in Nepal
"The streets of Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, which witnessed fierce battles between agitators and security forces for weeks, now wear a festive look. The people are celebrating a victory for the pro-democracy struggle. Many of them, and their well-wishers in the outside world, however, are aware that they may be rejoicing too soon," writes J. Sri Raman.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | A True Free Market Economy
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. points out: "All our federal environmental laws were intended to promote free market capitalism by forcing actors in the marketplace to pay the true costs of bringing their products to market. The Waterkeepers enforce these laws. We go into the marketplace, and catch cheaters. 'We are going to force you,' we tell them, 'to internalize your costs the same way you are internalizing your profit.' I don't even consider myself an environmentalist anymore. I'm a free-marketeer. So long as the polluters are cheating, none of us will get the benefits of the efficiency, prosperity and democracy that the free market promises America."

Pierre Haski | New Actor in Africa
China intervenes in Africa, warns Pierre Haski, "without concern for the nature of the regime as long as it can get what it wants from it. Westerners, who have most often behaved just as cynically and selfishly on the Dark Continent, are not well-situated to give lessons to the newcomer."

VIDEO | Dennis Banks: Sacred Run
A Film by Rebecca MacNeice
Dennis Banks, co-founder of American Indian Movement, organized the first Sacred Run across the country 28 years ago. The run is a staggered event that covers the country by foot between February 11 and April 22, ending in Washington, DC, on Earth Day. This year's closing ceremony was held at the Lincoln Memorial. Along the way, the core group of runners were joined intermittently by other walkers and runners. Banks has always been accompanied by Buddhist monks from the Nipponzan Myohoji sect.



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