Lobbying / Ethics Reform
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Lobbying/Ethics Reform

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* Brent Wilkes, co-conspirator #1 in the Duke Cunningham scandal, is going to put a fight, according to TPM Muckaraker, and not plead guilty. That's good news for a bevy of congressmen who call Wilkes a friend. Wilkes would be facing a number of charges in a federal corruption case. And after today's revelations in the Wall Street Journal it looks like that could include being a pimp. As they say, pimpin' ain't easy.
* Boddington at Redstate.org writes about Appropriations Chair Jerry Lewis' (R-CA) attempt to kill the ethics reform bill before the House. Lewis is urging Appropriations members to vote against the reform because of his opposition to the earmark reform in it. Lewis claims that the earmark reform unfairly targets his committee while letting other committees continue to earmark unrestricted. Boddington is highly skeptical of Lewis' argument and quotes Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) who calls Lewis' attempt to change the bill "a poison pill."

-- Paul Blumenthal
No Outcry:
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The House Republicans feel that they can push a "relatively tepid ethics bill" because they are not hearing about ethics from constituents, according to today's Washington Post. Rep. David Hobson (R-OH) said, "We panicked, and we let the media get us panicked." Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-CT) believes that "the rhetoric of reform is just political." Unfortunately for these lawmakers some historians see them misreading the public. L. Sandy Maisel, a professor of government at Colby College said, "When you combine [the ethics issue] with the general dissatisfaction with the way in which we are governed ... I think the breaking point might be near." As you can see from the posts here, the ethics issue cuts across party lines. What we need is a reform that balances out the crimes committed.
-- Paul Blumenthal



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