Audio: Lou Dobbs
CIA Drumheller, "The greatest policy mistake in our history
Thu Apr 27, 2006 20:51


04/27/06 Audio: Lou Dobbs re: Former top CIA official Tyler Drumheller

"The greatest policy mistake in our histroy"
Audio: (3.17MB) 13Min 51 Sec



04/23/06 Audio: 60 Minutes re: Intelligence on the Iraq War (5.09MB) 22Min 14Sec

04/21/06 Audio: C-SPAN2 National Security and the First Amendment
#1 (7.27MB) 31Min 46Sec

#2 (7.98MB) 34Min 52Sec


LEAK - GATE: This White House Scandal Finally Tips the Scale!

Libby: Bush Authorized Leak To Times
4/06/06 Randi Rhodes: Bush leaking classified information to the press to get his Iraq War

#1 (4.07MB)

#2 (3.67MB)

4/06/06 Randi Rhodes re: Leakgate (4.01MB) (3.79MB) (3.81MB)
4/06/06 Al Franken re: Leakgate
#1 (4.54MB)
#2 (7.17MB)

Leak-Gate Part 1: The Lies
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Leak-Gate Part 2: The Leak
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Leak-Gate Part 3: ‘more leaks, call the plumber'
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4/07/06 Hardball with Chris Matthews re: Leakgate - Bush authorized exposure of classified information.
#1 (6.21MB) 27Min 10 Sec
#2 (6.35MB) 27Min 46Sec

4/07/06 Randi Rhodes re: Leakgate - Bush authorized classified information leak
#1 (3.81MB) 16Min 39 Sec
#2 (4.95MB) 21Min 37 Sec

Charles Goyett: Wilson, Plame, Cooper... Don't Forget the Back Story!
* Listen to the MP3 Audio - Segment 3 (9.30 MB) 10/11/05

4/10/06 CNN Wolf Blitzer Situation Room with Joseph Wilson re: Leakgate (4.55MB)
A Spy Speaks Out
When no weapons of mass destruction surfaced in Iraq, President Bush insisted WMD claims were the result of faulty intelligence. A former top CIA official tells CBS the White House only used intelligence it liked, ignoring other information. More...


Spector Says Bush and Cheney Must Explain CIA Leak
Editor & Publisher - Apr 9, 2006
... people can understand what happened, a leading Republican senator said Sunday ... Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee ...


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