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Thu Apr 27, 2006 22:11

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Nick Ivanovich

The thunder of a twenty-one gun salute reverberated over Washington. The ceremony at the Whitehouse welcomed President Hu Jintao, the powerful, repressive leader of Communist China. Suddenly a middle-aged Chinese woman interrupted the event, attempting to remind President Bush of the atrocities committed by his Chinese guest. She was quickly arrested. Ironically, the woman’s frail shrill voice has surpassed the sound of the gunfire and echoed in conversations across the nation.

Polls show Americans believe that this country is in trouble. The President, in his final term of office, seems content with his plunging credibility. The war in Iraq has become a counterproductive quagmire; its cost is approaching $350 billion dollars, Osama bin Laden still roams free and Al Qaeda is growing. It is the Secretary of Defense who is under fire. But the Commander in Chief is a man on a mission. With saber held high, the President is ready to fight any legislation which threatens his efforts to give away America’s assets to foreigners. Standing with his comrade in arms, Mexico’s President Fox, he refuses to secure the borders. Bristled with bulldog tenacity he works to secure a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal, Mexican, low-wage workers. Lawbreaking U. S. employers benefit, but tax payers, who are in competition with the Illegals for jobs, must also bear the hidden cost burden of massive immigrant education, medical care, disease, drug and gang infestation, and the incarceration of a disproportionate number of Mexican criminals.

In the arena of international trade, America is losing by $800 billion dollars per year. This may explain the pomp for visiting President Hu. America transfers $200 billion of its annual trade deficit and a huge amount of technology to China and its military, estimated at 2.25-million-strong, the largest army in the world. Bush must treat this benefactor of American largess with great honor to maintain the unholy alliance between “Googalized” global capitalists and this communist dictatorial regime. In spite of the obvious national risk, Bush and his free-trade advocates expect Americans to be content to watch their wages fall and be grateful for the affordable products produced by low cost, controlled foreign labor.

Under fiscal conservatives, Government spending has just exceeded its own limit. The national debt is now at $8.3 trillion, an all time high. Sadly, Congress has passed by this picture of government failure so long that it has begun to blend with the statuary in the nation’s capital. It’s been four and one half years since 9/11 and nearly six years since the President took office. One third of the Senate, and the entire House, is up for re-election in November. They can’t run a campaign on a track record that has derailed. Six months to go, and the clock is ticking. Enraged Americans are voicing their opinions and watching. Will Congress follow the President and his legacy into virtual exile or start voting with people they’re supposed to represent for a change?



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