Has Johnny Gosch Been Found?
Has Johnny Gosch Been Found?
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April 18, 2005

Has Johnny Gosch Been Found?

In 1982, a paperboy named Johnny Gosch was kidnapped in West Des Moines . For years, his disappearance made national headlines. And now, 23 years later investigators are investigating new developments in Johnny’s case.

If you lived in Iowa during the 1980’s, you've heard about Johnny’s disappearance and his mother’s agonizing search. You may not have heard conspiracy theories involving satanic pedophiles connected to the U.S. government, kidnapping and selling kids into prostitution and forcing them into pornography, but Johnny's mother, Noreen, says she believes that's what happened to Johnny. Even more unusual, Noreen believes Johnny is still very much alive, and once again, in the limelight.

In January, a journalist named Jeff Gannon asked softball questions to President Bush at his weekly press briefing. The questions were so factually inaccurate, people started asking questions. Soon, media colleagues learned Jeff Gannon was really Jim Guckert, a former homosexual prostitute calling himself "Bulldog." But, private investigators say Guckert’s story is full of holes. Investigator James Rothstein says, "Going back to his high school, the Guckert picture doesn't look anything like he does now a days.” That was the first clue former New York City Police Detective found. KWWL talked him in his hometown of Saint Martin, Minnesota . Rothstein told us, "This is no accident that a guy like Gannon ends up in front of the press corps in the White House.”

Further investigating led Rothstein back to Iowa and a case he'd been working since 1982. Johnny Gosch disappeared on a warm September morning while he delivered the Des Moines Register. Witness say Johnny was hit with a tranquilizer dart and quickly taken away in the back seat of a car. For weeks people searched for Johnny, but found nothing.

When we talked with Johnny’s mother, Noreen Gosch, she told us Johnny visited her in 1997, “The night that he came here, he was wearing jeans and a shirt and a coat on because it was March. It was cold and his hair was long, it was shoulder length and it was straight and dyed black.” After the visit, Noreen had the FBI create a picture she says looked like Johnny. But, in light of recent events, people like Rothstein question the picture’s accuracy. He says John has had plastic surgery, “I do have information that Johnny was worked on and this is quite reliable information.”

Perhaps just as reliable as the recent phone call Noreen Gosch received telling her Jeff Gannon is her son. Mrs. Gosch says, "He’s been in touch with Gannon for months and months and knows him to be Johnny Gosch. And, that’s what this gentleman has gone on record and said.” Investigator Rothstein says, "That’s when Noreen called me and said, 'Hey, what do you think?' I looked at the photos and it looks like it could be, you don't know.” We asked Mrs. Gosch, "Is it possible to look at these and say this is my son or this isn't my son?" Mrs. Gosch replied, "I don't know if it’s Johnny for sure. I just don't know. That’s why I have requested DNA because I think that would be the conclusive way to prove it one way or the other. There are enough features that are identical to my son’s when you compare and put the two photos together to make me want to ask for DNA.

And, while the idea may seem far fetched, investigator Rothstein says everything fits, “When you look into the whole abduction of Johnny, what happened, the cover-up that took place, the way the kidnapping was done. This was a professional job and it fits the profile that I have seen over the years as a professional investigator." Rothstein says his investigators asked Gannon about Johnny Gosch, "We had somebody down there already that knocked on his door and the minute he said do you know this woman in Iowa? And, he slammed the door in his face." And, during another attempt, he asked him if he was Johnny Gosch. And, Gannon’s reply was, "I really feel Noreen’s pain." He didn't deny he was Johnny Gosch, but he didn't admit it either.

That leaves only one way to find out the truth. Mrs. Gosch says, "Even though there is so much resemblance to Johnny, I just feel like the DNA has to be done to make it conclusive before I could say yes or no for sure." So far, any attempts to obtain Gannon’s DNA have been unsuccessful. Rothstein says if Gannon is Gosch, he will protect that identity at all costs, "You have to realize that even from the self-admitted information that he admitted that he was a male escort, you get involved in criminal elements and before he can come forward, he better have a real good legal team behind him and that way he will be able to defend himself or work a deal before he comes out because this is no accident that a guy like Gannon ends up in front of the press corps in the White House.”

Some people suggest Jeff Gannon to be the product of government training. An operative who uses sex to black mail government officials. Others like James Rothstein suggest Johnny Gosch became Jeff Gannon to expose the criminals who kidnapped him, destroying his life and putting his family through hell.

For more information on Johnny’s abduction, Click Here.


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