John N. Maguire III
Tue Apr 19, 2005 21:11


THE CATHOLIC CHURCH is a low astral plane criminal conman organization. Run
by possessors (men mostly). Wanting to
stay in a higher astral plane, and wanting many people for energy.
In the beginning possessors ("Ghosts" on earth, which are humans in the
astral planes - the next world where people go to after
they die) would possess people to go to church each week. The host (piece of
bread) from communion, would be touched by a
possessed priest. And some of the possessors would gain energy by stealing,
taking, absorbing people's life energy. Although
after enough people were fooled to go to church, the energy of them was
absorbed. A few or one possessor, now a representative
of the church, would sit in front, invisible to the earth people, and near
the alter, or to the right side as one looked at it.
As people love "God" their love goes to the criminal in the astral planes.
The energy made to make the love, from a person is
reconverted to life energy in another - to be used for bad purposes. And
then he takes the energy to another and transfers the
energy of it to a "higher up." The person at the top, is from the old Roman
empire almost 2000 years ago. And stands a thousand
feet tall in comparison to the people in that plane, he has the energy of
millions of people. They take energy in order to avoid
reincarnating. There were more people at the top, yet they stopped taking
energy, after hearing of what it can do to you. Fooling
people for energy is not the same as stealing. -Because people have a
chance to think and not go into a possessor run church.
Yet there are so many methods of fooling in the church after thousands of
years, and a mix of truth in it to attract people through
their "truth sensing circuits." Feelings that something may be true. (see
book The Truth and How to protect yourself from false
religion and Realization Click here)
They have their own astral plane.
The people there are not told there are other astral planes. The preosts
sometimes find tham at the funeral, or at last rights, they
may be whisked away. Many people do not see their families and are trapped
there for hundreds of years. - until they lose so
much life energy, their old worn astral body disintegrates into dust in a
few seconds, and they reincarnate - after hundreds of
years of praying to get to heavan and waiting for the "preists" to give them
The people there are told to keep praying, and then they can be allowed to
go to heaven. They must ask the "priests" for
permission, and when they are told they can not go, they become very sad.
When they become sad, the "priest" (henchman)
absorbs energy from them, which is needed to make the sadness. Emotion is
transmitted, like microwave energy between earth
satalites which can then be converted into elesttricity.

In world War !!, many German solders went to the Catholic Plane. "I lost
10,000 years." of life energy that could have kept one alive (keep from
reincarnating) for 10,000 years. Is a possible comment from a German solder
now in the astral plane.

Copyright 1998 John N. Maguire III


When one passes on, most havae several thousand years of vital energy in
their astral body, and you can live with it for several thousand years, if not
energy used for emotion and other energy using activities.

One low plane is dreadful and people are made slaves there and lied to and
fooled, and their life energy is absorbed for 400 to 500 years. People who go
there are given a bed and a table, and sleep with many others in large
dormatory style walled complexes, I did not see a roof on it. A new member may
say to
another: "The priest says I may get to leave for Heavan soon." They are told
they are at purgatory and they will get to Heavan if they pray and be
Many never see their parents from Earth, and never see their children or
husbandds and wives. I suppose they'll think they'll meet them at Heavan. Such
task of finding their relitives and freind from Earth, would entail record
keeping, and the people stealing energy have no interest in it.
It is a plane of light, with structures/ A church is an alter with benches
and no walls. A member may go to a booth, to see if she can get to Heavan,
whiv they
hope for each week. After listening to them a "preist" will say no, and
perhaps be hopeful for them next time. As the sadness grows in the one who
wants to
go to Heavan, teh "priest" absorbs all the emotion energy of the victim.
This occurs to millions of people there. and the "priests" then give the
energy to
higher ups, and eventually much of it goes to a man who has been taking
energy for 2000 years there, and is now over 1000 feet tall. Some of the other
original long time members have turned to "stone" adorned with much gold,
and will be unable to move for many thousands, perhaps millions of years.
They have Roman style gold knives, some armour, and other adornments. They
expected to be worshiped and are seen by some, they no longer take energy.
The one who continues to take energy, is perhaps seen as Jesus or God, and
continues to rake energy from his "henchman" in their evil hiearchy. He may
not incarnate for over a million years, having the stored stolen energy of
millions of people, and receiving more from more people brought there
Personal relations are not permitted, since it would divert energy from the
people stealing it from the "hope to get to Heavan" victims. This is the Roman
Catholic Plane. Ruled by criminals who did not want to reincarnate. The
criminals prevent reincarnating by absorbing the emotional energy of others,
from human life energy. So, these energy stealers, try to get the members
emotional: Love Jesus with all your heart. And they tell them how to get to
by praying and giving "Jesus" love, and then they get there sadness when
they are deemed not ready to go to Heavan. The praying keeps them hyptnotized
and not thinking. They are told to pray for forgiveness. When a person is
thought of, a mental contact is made, they will receice the thought and the
that goes with it. So, when they pray to Jesus, the energy goes to one of
the crimnals pretending to be him. They pray and emote all day long, for
of years.
Why hasn't someone done something to close this plane down? The man who
started that plane, says it is his plane. The people there are hyptnotized on
Earth with faith and belief, and trust in the church. I surmise, many would
not believe, unless compelling evidence was presented to prove to them they
being used and fooled, to be fead upon in the future by emotion canibles in
a bad astral plane.
There is an escape route for some who start to think and question. The
"priest" will direct the possible trouble maker and threat to their energy
racket, to a stairway in a room, and at the top of the stariway, at a door
in a small 4 foot by 4 foot by 8 feet tall above ground hut, is a staircase.
The staircase
crisscrosses upward, at the end of the top of the stairway, is a beautiful
veiw of a vally and mountainous hills, to be seen by those who leave this way.
they meet people who tell them the truth of the astral world. Also some
people who have escaped, try to find there relitives, and travel to that plane
search for them. At times the crazy people will sing the right information
to me, I hear them constantly, except for a breif few seconds once in a while,
as to hear middle plane astral music, sounds, and beautiful voices,
presented by many middle plane and high plane people. Anyway this morning
the educated crazy people, said: "At times the people appear right away at
the Roman Catholic plane, since they were concentrating on it." I suppose
to it and to the "Jesus" there, and thinking of the "Heavan" they were
taught about. In the astral world, think of a place or a plane and you are
there, you
travel at great speed at times, and at other times it can take a while
depending on your concentration (I have appeard very quickly at middle plane,
and I have
consciously concentrated on middle plane from a low plane, and I spun around
, one revolution per every 5 seconds, and a sense of traveling higher, the
travel lasted about 10 seconds. While traveling to a higher plane, your body
will also get larger, perhaps this is why it takes longer to go higher.. - So
times there is no chance for a previously departed relitive to stop someone
from going to there. Also the experiance gained by being there, may be good
the person's future, since they may remember to think more and be more wary.
My departed relitives let a recently departed relitive stay there for awhile,
sitting in a pew, listening to "priests" and was expected to pray, yet did
not. Then they found her and, and she agreed to leave.
There is less of a sense of time passing in the astral plane, so a week may
seem as a day. The neuron clock in your body on Earth is no present any
That "clock", a group of cells, is needed for coordination on Earth, to
judge how fast to move a leg or an arm, or to reach for a thrown ball. Also,
the rate of
memory accumulation is slower, thought is slower on Earth. In the astral
plnes there is more a sense of truth, such as there is no time, only a
sequence of
memories, as if a film, one frame afer another, and the perception of those
memories accumulating, is wht we call a passage of "Time". Yet in the astral
planes, it is more accuratly sensed as an eternal moment of existance, one
continuous constant moment You do not feel your body clock on Earth ticking
away, as a slow passage of "time".
One day, perhaps after five hundred years of being in this plane, a tiired
woman will lie down in her bed, praying with her rosary beads, and as if a
comes by, her aged body disintegrates and disapears, leaving nothing but a
tiny amount of dust and the black clothes and a veil she had on. She then
reincarnates with no idea at all, what she wants to do on Earth. Many are
born in underdeveloped countries, since no plans were made for Earth, so they
parents with no plans made for Earth.
, My grandmother on my fathers side, was a slave in this plane, where she
was forced to make statues for 400 years every day. They built a large Roman
structure with large white cylinderacle columbs, supporting a white stone
roof, with many white stairs on all 4 rectangular sides leading to the roof
platform. Many statues cover the entire building's stairs and under the
roof, supportted by the columbs. Statues of American Indians, Spanish people,
Spanish army solders, and others who were made members of this church. As I
remember when shown it, they were of a black stone material, and life size.
All my grandparents have helped with trying to get the crazy people to
understand and leave. Thousands have left, and a few still remain.
The ones that remain, bring people sometimes, dispite a sentance from the
world Astral Plane government of Five Million (5,000,000) years for each one
they bring into the house, they take some energy from each one sometimes,
although recently they have been placing many into my higher mind. Others
smile and laugh and say there are no penalties, for possessing the medium,
through which the cures for diseases will save millions of lives, when he is
depossessed. They are killing millions of people, and lowering the knowledge
of our planet for billions of years, and hurting billions of people, who await
no polution, no radiation in their food - since the astral scientist have
devised a way to clean up the radiation. Free electricity , possibly possibly
from the
magnetic field of Earth, or possibly from the perpetual motion machine they
will give to the world, I saw the machine, it is a popular device in miniature
form, a small crossarm on a 2 inch tall by 1 inch width monolith and the arm
spins around, and will do so forever, or until the parts wear out. I was not
given the details of how they will get free electricity to our Earth. Yet it
has been discussed regularly, and the crazy people leave me for that idea many
yet they cannot concentrate well away and hope to learn to do so at a nice
astral plane. Thus a multimillion year work sentance to the low planes is not
excessive. The people that are brought here and do not get telepathicly
possessed by imagined food, or other methids, do not align with the retarded
man in
my mind, so they generally leave right away, since they preserved their
intelligence, and do not receive the lack of intelligence, mathmaticle and
consideration wise, of the ill man who has inhabited my body and higher mind
for 4 1/2 years. The former mental patient, kept in a staight jacket, after
crazy in jail on Earth, may still harbor joy feelings from the thorizine he
was given, or he also taken my vital energy and turned it into joy. Or he may
part of my mind to give people joy to control them. Also an amusement park
feeling from a childhood memory is used to convey a fun feeling to the duped
people brought here. Also a power feeling from one of my past lives, is used
at times. He pretends to be stupid and excited at times to fool people, and
other possessors are mad at him, they try to keep him from talking to the
middle and high plane people, and try to fool him, even though they also get
massive penalties from the Astral government and mother nature.

It is a plane run by criminals. An astral plane controlled by criminals,
people who hurt others, and take their life energy and direct their minds
twords their
will and whims. A hiearchy in the criminal structure exist, the one with the
most energy rules, and he stands taller than them all. His henchmen disguised
priest, and "fathers", steal the energy of the fooled flock, by trickery and
lies. And keeping them imprisoned, with holding the knowledge they could use
escape to a better world, another astral plane. The people there are told
they are waiting for Heavan and need the father's permission.
People enslaved and hurt if they do not do what they are told. My present
father's mother, was a Catholic hundreds of years ago. She was a member of the
Catholic Religion again during her most recent incarnation.

She was Spanish, and did not speak the language, which was Latin. She said
she was Catholic, and was taken to the Catholic plane. and was not told there
were other planes.

Started as a religion, and then taken over by criminals, since it was in a
low plane, not a true religion, and perhaps dubious purposes to start with.
Drink this wine and eat of this bread, the Priests vibrations go into the
food, and gain an extra hold as his thoughts can enter you a bit more easily.
Less able
to think, since in communion with already established beliefs, and the wine
shutting down your thinking mind.
They could not remove the criminals, supposedly, although I have also heard
the original people, expected to go to Heavan and be there. And did not want
reincarnate. As praise was given them they may have felt the increase in
energy from that attention. And they could delay reincarnating.
Criminals who had gathered more energy from other means, may have taken this
"racket" as they saw it, from the original people. Brought there group in.
Moved in on there turf, to get their energy taking scheem.
One of the original people, was here, and now I know the man running it
today is not the original. He is one of them that took it over. The orginal
one left it.
It is a possesser organization, that deals and steals people life e

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