Fielda Michelle Looney
AMERICA'S CORPORATE GODS - and Congressional Elders
Fri Apr 13, 2007 09:13

Once again Corporations have changed the course of American history. The firing of Imus has created a firestorm of controversy sure to challenge the U.S. Constitution for years to come.

Corporations greatly affect our lives. Corporate lobbyists influence legislation; while their huge campaign donations and endorsements contribute to election of our long-term public officials.

Are there any laws or requirements categorizing corporations as foreign entities if a percentage of their employees or interests are located overseas? Are there any limits to power and influence foreign or domestic based corporations can utilize in our electoral or political processes?

Are there any checks on laws initiated by corporate lobbyists which would examine whether those laws serve the entire population as opposed to benefitting a sole corporate interest?

Are corporate decisions allowed to overrule rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution?

When an individual's court case against a corporation sets a precedent, is there any guarantee for legal counsel representative of both sides to be financially equal and ethically fair? Is there any official organization that watchdogs abuses of power or bullying by corporations, powerful businesses or special interest groups?

If any American would contact a politician, and a corporate executive did the same, which would be first to gain the politician's attention?

Are Congress and State Legislatures so well-financed and influenced by corporations, legislators responsibilities and decisions are compromised?

Is all Congressional and State legislation created for the purpose, in consideration of the entire population, and not solely for special or corporate interests?

Are Congress and Governments sworn to protect Individual Rights equally as Corporate Interests? Is there a policing system to monitor corporate lawsuits, hiring and firing, and insurance of equal justice?

Since corporations are formed strictly for profit and wealth creation, is it ethically appropriate to allow private corporate purchases of public prisons and hospitals?

Getting Government back to the People could be a first step in restoring a Corporate-Controlled-Republic to a People-Controlled-Democracy.

Many American News Industries no longer deliver serious, factual news. Apparently ratings, money, and advertisers have driven corporate executives to deliver head-spinning, controversial, emotional babble which has less intent to educate and inform, than to confuse, creating emotional reactions, division and controversy - and sometimes hate.

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