Virginia incident, guns and immigration
Wed Apr 18, 2007 01:53

Virginia incident, guns and immigration


The Virginia School Shootings, Access to Firearms and Immigration Law

Decades ago, an interesting incident occurred at a grocery store in the American midwest - in Nebraska, if we recall correctly. A gunman robbed the store. But the gunman only escaped as far as his getaway car before 3 or 4 employees of the store, who had by then grabbed their own guns and chased after the crook, sprayed the gunman with maybe 30 bullets as he sat in his getaway car.

Granted, that was back in an era when most people owned guns and weren't afraid to use them if the police weren't immediately available to help.

What's our point, you wonder? This: if someone - or 3 or 4 someones - at the Virginia school had had access to a gun while the shootings were occurring, then maybe they could have stopped the gunman, or at least limited his number of victims. When, and why, did Americans become helpless victims who have to hide from crazy gunmen? [That's a trick question].

Ironically, in 2006 the state of Virginia rejected a plan to allow law-abiding gun-owners to have guns on college campuses.

Finally, do you know why so many non-White immigrants have come to America since 1965? This is why:


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