Extra, Extra, & Hear Ye, Hear Ye>The Revolution is on & "We
Sat Apr 7, 2007 22:59

Extra, Extra, & Hear Ye, Hear Ye>The Revolution is on & "We The People" have the enemy on the run

Something's definitely up and 911 truth is coming out...Even Hollywood, including country western stars have a plan to come out in the name of truth...Alex Jones and Rosie O'Donnell are in on that plan

Hear Willaim Rodriguez's first hand & truthful account, too>>>

He couldn't be bought off and is a true brave American Hero>>>

This is it & (((V))) is close at hand>>>

Follow up on ABC's poll-Rosie left Bill the shill O'Reilly in the dust and he's spitting mad

Hit is guys, if you haven't already and forward this poll everywhere, too>>>

Rosie's. She should be able to express an opinion that she feels is underrepresented in the media.


Bill O'Reilly's. Rosie has really gone too far this time.

Neither. I find them both annoying.
Total Vote: 25,671

Last but not least>>> 

911Revolution video...The Third Stage>>>

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