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The UK Timesonline has an article at Drudge Report stating that Brit scientists have discovered that stem cell transplant has cured diabetes.

I find this hog wash and a bunch of s***t! WHY you may ask?

1.) I am a victim of a nonmyleoblative matched unrelated adult stem cell transplant which produces (common knowledge in the medical field) MASSIVE graft versus host rejection disease, that MUST be treated in order to stay alive;

2.) I was NEVER told of ALL of the complications involved in this transplant (this is NOT a bone marrow transplant nor a embryonic transplant nor your own T-cells);

3.) medication that I take to control the GVHD has GIVEN me diabetes; I have been on insulin for the past year BUT my sugar levels are very high BECAUSE I still have to take the medication "Prograf" to stay alive (control the GVHD)a huge "catch 22" situation;

4.) I tried (8-10 times)to post the following comment at that UK site, however, it NEVER posted AND I kept getting a page (after submitting) that said "cannot load page";

"AS a stem cell transplant patient for treatment of bone marrow leukemia, I find this article is nothing but bull shit!!!

I have diabetes BECAUSE of the stem cell (nonmyloeblative matched unrelated adult stem cell transplant) that gave me MAJOR graft versus host disease requiring that I take 2 x a day a antirejection medication ("Prograf") to keep the rejection complication (NOTORIOUS W/STEM CELL TRANSPLANTS!) from killing me. AND it is the Prograf (known from the get-go by its developer Dr. Strazel) that has given me diabetes BECAUSE of the destruction to my insulin producing cells in the pancreas. I have been on insulin 1yr; the stem cell gransplant was done 7/2000.

This is a bunch of british hype that SHOULD NOT HAVE EVEN MADE THE NEWS, let alone be "glorified" as it is being done.
GO READ ABOUT STEM CELL TRANSPLANT; PROGRAF; DIABETES CAUSED BY PROGRAF; Dr. Kim's article (Stanford, CA., "Nature" medical magazine publication) aregarding STIMULATING CALCINEURIN/NFAT cell
research to cause beta cells of the pancreas to produce insulin-----this the REAL cure for diabetes. vol.443/21 september 007/nature: Calcineurin/NFAT signalling regulates pancreatic B-cell growth and function.

WATCH for my book:'"So, you think you want a stem cell transplant. . . . .." up and coming TRUTH of the complications, surgeries, crippling, required medications just to stay alive, etc.; it is telling the REAL truth about stem cell transplant from a living, crippled, guiena pig. TRUST me on this one; email me and I will gladly tell you the entire story of my past 7yrs since transplant."

5.) IF there is a "cure" for diabetes it is going to come from replenishing the panceras cells that have been destroyed or inhibitated resulting in the diabetes; this study is being conducted at Stanford Un., Ca., by Dr. Stephen Kim, pulished in "Nature" Vol.443/21, September, 2006,pg.345-349, titled "Calcineurin/NFAT signalling regulates pancreatic B-cell growth and function";

6.) If you read all of the comments you will see for yourself that it is only idiots who don't have any idea what in the hell they are talking about; EVEN if you use your own T-cells for this "transplant" HOW is that going to cure your diabetes when your body has caused it to begin with (or, as in my case, the medication "Prograf" has caused it)?

THINK!! using your own blood is NOT going to work to cure your own disease; if your are using your own for cancer treatment, they treat those cells BEFORE they inject them back into you.

I have a book I am working on called "SO you think you want a transplant. . . . . " I am putting it ALL out to the world so that EVERYONE will be told the truth as to the potential of ALL the complications that probably will occur after a stem cell transplant so people will have a FULL informed consent before they are put through such a horrendous procedure and total changing of their lives and life styles---I was NEVER given the "full informed consent" I am a living UNinformed consent guiena pig that would have NEVER gone through this (and continuing diseases and complications appear every 6 mos or so)IF I had been told the TRUTH!!!!

Physicians oath is SUPPOSED to be:"First do no harm" I truly believe that that has been thrown aside for fame, noble prizes, money, money, careers and drug companies.

I believe that people need to realize that stem cell transplant is not a walk in the park; they need to REALLY investigate and research for themselves (including contacting patients like me) and find out just the problems looking them in the face after such a procedure----you have the same problems as bone marrow transplants patients and the SAME life altering effects for the rest of your life.

thanks--that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!

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